Trump’s Business View of Federal Government and States; Gov. Susana Martinez Comments

Republic of the US

Trump Sees the Federal Government as the Corporate Headquarters, and the States as Semi-Autonomous “Divisions”

He Views Our Government as You Would a Business

And Will Hold the Federal Government and the State Governments to the Same Standard of Excellence

Gender, Race, Ethnic Origin, or Religion are Not an Excuse for Failure or Deference

Donald Trump criticized the lack of economic progress in New Mexico under the first Female-Hispanic Republican governor, Susana Martinez, while speaking in Albuquerque, NM.  Trump was roundly criticized by friends and foe alike for calling out the rather dismal economic performance of NM since Martinez took office in 2010.  In 2014, New Mexico rated 2nd in the nation in long-term unemployed at 45.3% of the long-term total unemployed.  In 2016, NM unemployment was the 6th highest in the US.   In 2010, New Mexico had 342,000 people on Food Stamps (SNAP).  In 2014, that number jumped to over 440,000 ranking NM 4th in the nation with 19.8% of its population of food stamps. 

Trump’s criticism of Martinez, an Hispanic, Female, Republican governor, Was Not the Politically Correct Way to Win over Hispanics and Female Voters.

But his comments were an accurate assessment of the State of the State for New Mexico as of 2016.  If the head of Trump’s Chicago, Trump International Hotel and Tower property, (or any other property) did not meet or exceed his or her key management objectives and critical success factors, Trump would call them out the same way. 

If elected, Trump will assess the Federal Government’s performance, and each of the 50 States, in the same manner, regardless of who is the head of the federal agency or who (or what) the Governor of the State.  Trump views women as equal to men, and all races, nationalities and persons of creed as equal, and he has the same expectations for each. 

Success is Success; Failure is Failure, Period!

Trump is NOT in Search of Mediocrity!

If you want to get by based on who or what you are, your gender, your race, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation, rather than your performance, you may be in for a surprise.  Trump would hail a successful Republican or Democrat Governor for doing his or her job equally.  To Trump, labels do not matter, results do.

While Donald Trump may not be the politically correct nice guy we have been used to in the Republican Party, ask yourself:

Where has that gotten us!

Hopefully Women, Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Asians and all races and people of diverse national origins, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and people from all religions, members of the LGBT, and Republicans and Democrats will come to see how Donald J. Trump views the world. 

  • Everyone deserves a position that they earn through performance and not merely through their election or appointment.

  • Success or failure is not relative but can be defined by absolute performance criteria.

  • Failure is not an option in government as it impacts the citizens of this country who deserve the best from its government.

  • Everyone, including Trump if elected President, is accountable to the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Will Trump make mistakes as our President?  Absolutely, he is human.  But, as a business person, he knows that a decision to do or not to do something is only the first step.  There will be adjustments along the way to perfect the original decision.

You don’t want to be like the poor souls in Benghazi who sacrificed their lives for others while relying on Hillary Clinton to rescue them.  Trump is a leader.  Clinton is a politician who believes she is ENTITLED to be our President. 

Big Difference!

RD Pierini





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