Trump Channeling Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream…”

Governor Susana Martinez is not a “Woman” or an “Hispanic” to Trump, She is the Governor of New Mexico


Trump’s Criticism of the Martinez Record, was Based on a Lack of Economic Achievement in New Mexico; Not a Calculated Pandering to the “First Hispanic, Female Governor”

Trump’s Criticism of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Lack of Economic Achievement Proves Trump View of Success or Failure is Not Based on Gender or Race/National Origin!

Trump Views on Success or Failure is Solely Based on Performance!


Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream for America

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Are we to assess the Successes or Failures of WOMEN or HISPANICS based on their gender and national origin or on their CHARACTER, SUCCESSES AND FAILURES?

If I may humbly paraphrase Dr. King, the American Dream, and the promise of our Constitution, is that everyone’s value is solely based on their CHARACTER, rather than their gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, or economic status.  

Character” in Trump’s business consciousness, means that one meets or exceeds the critical success factors for the business venture or for one’s assigned tasks. 

Trump lives this “dream of character assessment” as a core business principle that drives his assessment of his own success or failure, and his employees’ success or failure in their assigned roles. 


When Trump criticized Governor Martinez, all of the pundits, PC police, RINOs, and even some of Trump’s well meaning advisors, shuddered that Trump just DUMPED on THE FIRST FEMALE, HISPANIC GOVERNOR IN THE UNITED STATES!  Remarks like; “Trump just killed the Women Vote”, Trump just turned off the Hispanic Vote”, “Trump just lost New Mexico”, and more! 

Before the Trump rally in Albuquerque, NM, Trump looked at the economic stats for the State and found them lacking!  NM, as of January, 2016, had the 3rd highest number of people on food stamps in the nation, 144,768 people or 22% of its population.  He also called out the NM high unemployment rate and poor job creation.  He has done the same analysis and presentation for practically every State he has campaigned in.  His performance review is hand written, on half folded 8.5″x11″ sheets of paper. He pulls out his notes when he begins is rally remarks.  His economic indictments are of the Obama economy but also for shortfalls within the State.

Trump also criticized Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin just shortly before the GOP Wisconsin primary.  Trump lost in Wisconsin but never back-tracked on his comments or indicated he had second thoughts of saying what he really thought of Walker’s shortfalls!


Ivanka Trump, speaking about her father’s criticisms or characterizations of women stated:  “You could also list a few comments he’s made about men that are unflattering. I think he’s highly gender neutral,” 

Post Mortem

Will Trump’s criticisms of Governor Martinez cause a backlash among Women and Hispanics?  Who knows, but probably not.  The MSM will play it up to the hilt as well as his RINO insider critics. 

In the end, Donald Trump was being Donald Trump.  Uncensored and unrehearsed. 

There is a an anachronism,


“What – You – See – Is – What – You – Get”! 

That should be on Trump’s Logo!  You want another 4-8 years of a “community activist teleprompter president?  Vote Hillary.  If Not, Hang-on and Vote Trump!

Trump Sign-WYSISYG


RD Pierini



(1)Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream Speech


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