Why Clinton is a Loser

She Cannot Be Who She Really Is!

She Is Not That Good An Actor Either!

The saddest thing to watch is Hillary Clinton trying to guess what people want her to be, and then her trying to adapt to her various changing personalities like she is changing her pants suit.  Charisma, a “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others”, is not something you can learn, emulate or fake.

You either have it or you don’t.  Probably the most exasperating thing for her is Bill Clinton.  Here is a serial womanizer who is the poster-boy for charisma.  He can still mesmerize crowds and takes over a room when he enters.  His age is diminishing some of his charisma and he gets a little testy at times, but even being somewhat diminished by age, Hillary cannot compete with his innate allure.  His appeal has also been an Achilles heal for him, and her, with women!

Hillary and her handlers then compound her lack of “animal magnetism” by having her try to alter her delivery when she is talking to African-Americans or other ethnic groups.  Her veiled attempts at “fitting in” comes off as pandering.

The Catastrophic Reality for Her is that She is Just Not a Likeable Person!

Her testimony at the Benghazi hearings when she said “What Difference Does it Make”, was a turning point for her in this election cycle.  Her remark turned off many women, and men, who viewed her remark as her being uncaring, cold, and without empathy for the four families of those that died in Benghazi.

She is also inept as an actor trying to play the part as a charismatic, caring, presidential candidate.  Trying to play the women card would work if women liked her but she is just not that warm and fuzzy and apparently is incapable of faking it!

If Hillary Cannot Play the “Woman Card”, What is Left for Her?

If Hillary were running against the typical Republican candidate like McCain, Romney, or Jeb, she could stalemate their attacks by shrinking into her victim persona ala the “woman card”. 

Trump does NOT view women as being different than men, and as such does not see women as weak, but rather as an equal. 

Trump is a Feminists Worse Nightmare. 

Trump actually thinks of and treats women as an equal!  He doesn’t see Hillary as a female opponent but merely as an opponent.  It would not matter to him if rather than Hillary, he was running against Sanders, Biden or even Obama.  Trump would use their weaknesses against them the same way he is against Hillary.  As an opponent, nothing is off of the table and winning is the goal.  Period!

As an equal, Hillary will have to run on her policies!  Unfortunately for her, she is currently opposed by an avowed socialist who dragged her to the far left.  Also, she is not innately a “centrist” or a “pragmatist” like Bill Clinton.  Bill knew when to triangulate an issue and make it like his own! 

Hillary seems incapable of playing this game.

Trump’s Conservative-Populist Message is the Antithesis of Clinton’s More of the Same Message

2016 is a Year of the Outsider–Clinton is the Definition of an Insider

RD Pierini



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