Egypt Air Flt. 804-Why Not Floating Black Boxes? International Aviation Terror Response Team?

After 5 Days and No Black Boxes?

Why Isn’t There an International Aviation Terror Response Team?


Egypt Air flight 804 went down on May 15th, some 5 days ago, and we have not located the Black Boxes yet?  The Black Boxes are critical to understanding the fate of this doomed flight.  They are also critical to understanding whether the crash was an act of terror and if so, how was the act carried out?

Floating Black Boxes:

Apparently the Black Boxes onboard of all commercial airliners work better if you crash on land!  In the water, not so much.  As we found out with the lost Malaysian airliner last year.  The aviation industry and “oodles” of government geniuses came up with a Black Box that could withstand hard impact on land but not one that “Floats” when the crash occurs in water.  72% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water!  For those who like Las Vegas, that means that there is a 7.2 in 10 chance that you may crash in water.

Don’t you think that maybe, since Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea can be 10,000 feet deep (2 miles) or more that it may be a good idea to work on a floating Black Box? 

One, that when the impact is in the water, the black box ejects from the plane and floats so it does not go down to 10,000 feet?  You will know the point of impact from the GPS coordinates in the Black Box at the time of the impact.  You could even put strobe lights on it in addition to the signal ping.  Gee, we maybe able to see and hear it!

We all spend millions trying to find the Black Boxes when a water crash occurs.  Why not spend that money in developing a system that is easier to locate?  Time is also a factor in recovering the Black Boxes as we need to hone in on the cause of the crash as quickly as possible.  If it is terror related, the faster we locate the Black Boxes, the sooner we can analyze the cause and locate the wreckage for further analysis.  Which leads to…

Why Don’t we Have an International Aviation Terror Response Team?

Obviously our behemoth “Homeland Security” agency is not to good at staying ahead of terror tactics much less detecting attacks beforehand.  (See TSA Lines)  I guess you can’t blame our Homeland Security agency as they have yet to figure out what to call Islamic Terrorism. 

So, how about we create an International Aviation Terror Response Team that is dispatched as soon as there is an airplane crash?  We don’t have to wait for some agency to determine if the cause was terrorism or not.  This Team could immediately start to confirm or eliminate the terror component.  Also, and this is key, THIS IS A PRIVATE SECTOR TEAM.  The team is also apolitical and does not take tactical orders from any one government NOR THE UNITED NATIONS!  The US could actually go it alone as if a European Nation is involved political correctness will get in the way.  Probably would stay away from involving Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and some other nations just to avoid a possible conflict of interest, just saying.

The team, when there is nothing much to do, it is also charged with developing possible new terrorist tools that may be used in the future.  Would be nice to develop testing for specific materials before they explode!  (Maybe get rid of outdated TSA checks like taking off your shoes!)  They could also work on screening procedures for anyone connected to the aviation industry.  Maybe even talk to the Israelis as they seem to be pretty good at airport and airline security. 

Stuck on Stupid!

Growing Larger and Larger Bureaucracies Is Not the Answer

We need to interject a little common sense into our thought processes and not succumb to our typical “the government will solve all of our problems” model!  Until we rid this planet of hate, never, we need to do everything we can to protect those who are targeted by mass violence. 

Moore’s Law, stated by Gordon E. Moore, the co-founder of Intel and Fairchild Semiconductor, observes that “number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years”.  In other words, computing power would double every two years. 

The same is holds for the increasing sophistication of terrorists as they acquire more dangerous and high-tech components, especially when the terrorists are well-funded by a country like Iran or are self-funded like ISIS. 

The terrorists seem to be outpacing our ability to get ahead of them in terms of what future generations of bombs would look like. 

This is not a safe place to be!

RD Pierini








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