Lara Logan v. Michelle Fields Valor v. Vanity ?

Rape in Tahrir Square v. Scrum “Touch & Grab”

Lara Logan Opens Up About Tahrir Sq. Sexual Assault: Valium and Red Wine Enable More Dangerous Foreign Reporting

Western Female Journalists in conservative Islamic Nations are at risk of serious personal harm, just by the fact that they are Western and Female. 

Western individuals who are not Muslim are considered, at the very least, inferior to Muslims; at worst, infidels whose lives have no value! 

Add to this mix, an Obama inspired and abetted “Arab Spring” which was basically an anti-government movement with the goal of installing “Fundamental Islamic States”. 

As Opposed to:

Covering a Presidential Campaign Event at the Posh Mar-A-Lago Club in Florida Does Not Seem to be a Life Threatening Assignment

After covering the 2016 Republican Presidential campaign for the past 9 months, and reading and watching pundits, journalists, and other “sage” individuals, who seem to be more impressed with their own sense of self, than accurately reporting and commenting on factual content, I was finally hit with the juxtaposition between what happened to Lara Logan in Egypt and to Michelle Fields in Mar-A-Lago.

Tahrir Square just before Sundown on February 11, 2011

Lara Logan is the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News and a correspondent for CBS’s 60 Minutes.  She was assigned by 60 Minutes to cover the “Arab Spring” in Egypt which featured the over throw of longtime US ally Hosni Mubarak.  On February 11th, Egypt’s large center city square, Tahrir Square, was filled with thousands of Jubilant Egyptians celebrating their own power for overthrowing their heavy-handed President.  In the midst of this raucous celebration were scores of international journalists.  One of these journalists was Lara Logan, an attractive blonde, South African female correspondent.  As the celebration unfolded, a group of young Egyptian men viciously attacked and raped Logan.  Lara recounted her ordeal.  The following are quotes from her account:

“They ripped off my clothes and took pictures on their cell phones as they groped and beat me.”

“Suddenly, before I even know what’s happening, I feel hands grabbing my breasts, grabbing my crotch, grabbing me from behind. I mean, and it’s not one person and then it stops, it’s like one person and another person and another person. And I know Ray (her cameraman) is right there, and he’s grabbing at me and screaming, “Lara hold onto me, hold onto me.”

“I didn’t even know that they were beating me with flagpoles and sticks and things, because I couldn’t even feel that. Because I think of the, of the sexual assault was all I could feel, was their hands raping me over and over and over again.  They were tearing my body in every direction at this point … and they were trying to tear off chunks of my scalp.”

She described even more detail of her attack but I think you can picture a women trapped by a number of men who are attacking her without any hesitation.  Lara absolutely thought she would not live to see her children again, she stated:  “I was in no doubt in my mind that I was in the process of dying,” 


Fast Forward to March 8th, 2016 to a Trump press conference held in Jupiter, Florida, at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Club. 

The press conference had ended and Trump was leaving the room where the presser was held.  The members of the press had been instructed by the secret service to remain in the back part of the room until the candidate had left the room.

As Trump was exiting, Michelle Fields ignored the admonition to remain in the back of the room and made her way next to Trump on his right.  Fields appeared to have a cell phone in her hand, possibly to record a response from Trump, when she touched his right arm.  He recoiled from her touch as he obviously did not expect to be approached as he was leaving knowing the press had been told to wait in the rear of the room. 

In the next second or two, Corey Lewandowski came up behind Trump and Fields and squeezed in between them separating Fields from Trump.  During this process, Lewandowski put is arm in between Fields and Trump and he may have put his hand around her lower arm in an attempt to move Trump out of the Room.  Fields did not lose her balance or stumble from the contact per the video released by the prosecution who refused to prosecute Lewandowski. 

Fields went on to file a police report for “Battery-Simple”, “784.03(1)(A)(1)” on March 11, 2016, against Corey Lewandowski.  He subsequently turned himself into the police and following an investigation by Florida States Attorney’s office, the State Attorney declined to prosecute Lewandowski.  The video that was turned over to the Florida States Attorney did not substantiate the account of the incident as described by Fields.


When you compare the trauma suffered by Lara Logan versus the experience by Michelle Fields, it is difficult to understand why Fields pursued criminal charges against Trump’s campaign manager.  Did Fields become overly enthusiastic in covering Trump with an anti-Trump bias?  Was she merely embarrassed by the incident then sought to redeem herself by accusing Lewandowski? 

I doubt that we will ever know what Field’s motivation was but it strikes me that professional journalists have to keep events, as they impact them personally, in perspective.  When a reporter is in the midst of scrum, contact is almost inevitable.  This is part of the job when you are trying to get the last comment from someone you are trying to interview. 

As opposed to being sent to attend a world shattering event in a distant country, with a culture that is foreign to your own, without security or any form of personal protection.  Then, not being touched on the arm, but totally violated and humiliated and suffering injuries that are still being treated 4 years after the attack.  Lara exemplified true bravery in the face of death akin to journalists’ coverage on the front lines of war.Fields Logan Injury

The modern press needs to keep itself in perspective and guide its members in making sure they do not insert themselves into a story or make themselves the story.  This pertains to pundits and analyst who become so biased they cannot reasonable assess the performance of the subject.  This pertains to a newspaper, a cable news outlet, or any form of what has become main stream media. 

Today we hear that the editorial section of an agency is separate from the news section. 

REALLY!  That is just plain insulting. 

If the Press would like respect, they need to respect us and especially respect their trade. 

Otherwise you are just Propaganda!

RD Pierini



Hat Tip–2015253



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