Trump is the “Mechanic” for the Tea Parties Get Onboard

Insider, Elitist Republicans Failed the Tea Parties

In 2010, 2012 & 2014Tea Party Groups Need to Understand that Trump Is the ONLY Chance To Take Back the Government from Elitists & Globalists

Tea Party advocates who want to take back our nation need to carefully consider supporting Donald Trump.  The alternative, Hillary Clinton will solidify our loss of freedom and control over this nation forever or at least until the electorate think that insurrection is their only alternative…  Trump is a populist candidate that supports an overwhelming number of your core conservative values.

Republican Party Control is in the Hands of Globalists and Open Border Advocates

The Tea Parties rose out of a grass-roots movement to rail against our government’s heavy-handed tactics, increasing taxes and control over we the people, supporting illegal and legal immigration, run-a-way spending and increasing debt, and a total lack of empathy from both parties.  The reasons the Tea Party Movement became a popular, if not populist movement, are not only still prevalent today but have grown exponentially worse.

This is in spite of the fact that the Tea Party and their supporters have given back the House of Representatives and the Senate to the Republican Party.  The Republican Party would have won the presidency in 2008 and 2012 if it had run a real candidate!  The voters today, including many Tea Party advocates, feel betrayed by everyone they have elected to the House and Senate and feel the Republican Party is not much better, if it is better, than the Democrat Party in terms of the core values of We the People.

Enter Donald J. Trump

Tea Party Core Values:

When the Tea Party movement started, individual Tea Party organizations sprung up all over the country.  While some had specific local issues they supported, there were common themes and principles interwoven into each of these organizations.  They included:

  • Lower and less complex Taxes

  • Control over Federal Debt

  • Focus on Personal Freedom-Protection for our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights.

  • Smaller Government

  • Refocus on American Values and Heritage (Judeo-Christian Foundation)

  • Control over our Borders and Immigration

  • Private Healthcare (Repeal and Replace Obamacare)

  • Enforce Election Integrity (Voter ID)

  • Conservative Supreme Court

Unfortunately, the McConnell, Boehner, and Ryan leadership in the Senate and House, that presided over an increase of our national debt of $9 Trillion Dollars ($19 Trillion Total) and climbing; a failure to overturn Obamacare; a failure to control our borders; a failure to reign in legal and illegal immigration; a failure to stand for American workers and push for increases of visa immigrants to take American’s jobs; a failure to challenge Obama either with impeachment or with the purse strings;  a failure of countless, feckless House and Senate Oversight committees hearings that yielded no tangible results nor resulted in any accountable results;  have deepened the US slide into Progressive Socialism and hardened silos of groups pitted against one another. 

In short, our work to elect a House and Senate that would do the will of the people have failed.  Many of these candidates solicited the help of the Tea Parties only to sell out to the Congressional leadership for a cushy committee assignment or other phony badge of self-importance.

Trump “America First” Platform 2016

Trump has set the agenda for the 2016 Republican Primary and also for the 2016 Presidential Election!  This is the FIRST time in a long time, 1976 and 1980, a Republican candidate actually set the national agenda and that agenda mirrors most of the Tea Party platform.  Why did Trump do it?  Because, for once someone, Trump, actually listened to what you had been saying in the past and actually formulated your thoughts into a national agenda!  So, how does Trump stack up against the Tea Party’s priorities?

  • Taxes:  Trump has proposed a revamping of tax rates to lower taxes on businesses, large and small; lower taxes substantially on the middle class; and to eliminate loopholes that protect Wall Street traders.  His plan is pretty much aligned with the Tea Party desires for taxation, “Taxed Enough Already”!

  • Federal Debt:  Trump correctly sees the issues of the Federal Debt and the Economy as one and the same and adds in a need to revamp our trade policies to at least level the playing field or give the US a slight edge in our trade agreements.  By increasing the rate of growth of our economy to 3-5%, and eliminating our negative balance of trade internationally, the US can start to eliminate the federal debt.  This will, of course be abetted with lower spending as he cuts back on the EPA, the Department of Education and other agencies.

  • Personal Freedom:  1st and 2nd Amendment Rights:  Trump has published statements on his support of the 2nd amendment, as well as his positions against political correctness, the constraints against religious freedom and others, that underscore his willingness to fight for personal freedom. 

  • Smaller Government:  Trump has campaigned on cutting back the Dept. of Ed and turning control back to the States.  He also sees cuts in the EPA and the elimination of many of the regulations; the downsizing of the Dept. of Energy and turning its control back to the States;  the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and its huge bureaucracy; and a revamping of many of the functions of government that do not yield a payback to the tax payers.

  • American Values:  Trump has crushed political correctness that has stifled our traditional values such as using phrases like Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and so on.  As an employer of thousands of employees, and one who spends hours at his job sites and properties, he understands the issues every family faces every day.  He is closer to We the People than any other candidate we have had in decades.  He may be a billionaire, but he relates to everyday people.

  • Borders and Immigration:  He was the candidate that brought our borders, the impacts of illegal immigration, immigration visas, and the Syrian refugee impacts into the primaries.  He also brought in the disgrace of sanctuary cities to the national front page.  He insists on building the wall, both physical, legal and procedural, and protect our sovereignty.  Pretty telling when the past president of Mexico give Trump the Bird.  Actually, he gave the bird to all of us who are tired of supporting illegal immigrants better than our vets.

  • Veterans:  Trump brought the plight of our Vets and the horrors of the VA care into the campaign and will continue to force changes in the VA in the treatment of our best!

  • Repeal of Obamacare:  Trump has a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare with a private sector based solution.  You should take the time to read his policy statement on this plan and you can bet Dr. Ben Carson will be instrumental in the final development of the legislation.

  • Voter Integrity:  Trump is the one who educated the American Electorate on the “goofy” system the political parties have set up to ensure that the parties control who becomes the candidate for the party.  TRUMP exposed this up by challenging the “corrupt nature” of the systems and once he becomes the head of the Republican Party, he will push for systemic changes in the process at the national and State level.  It took a billionaire to do this as he was independent of the Republican Party, its elites, its donor class, and the Super-PACs. 

  • Supreme Court Nominees:  Trump will soon release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees and has pledged that he will only select from this list.  Many of you do not know his sister, Maryanne Trump Berry.  She is an appellate court judge who sat on the bench with now Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  Their voting records were almost identical including the one Cruz blasted Trump over when their court held that a New Jersey anti-abortion law was unconstitutional.  Cruz and his surrogates maintained that Trump and his sister were not pro-life due to this decision.  The truth is that Justice Alito voted the same way Maryanne Berry did and he is certainly pro-life.  There is one thing I can guarantee you, Hillary’s nominees will be hard left and take this country down the progressive liberal rabbit hole!  Wait to judge Trump on this until you see his list.

Trump aligns better with the Tea party than all of the other 2016 candidates, including Ted Cruz.  Cruz voted to fast-track TPP which would continue to export US jobs overseas; Cruz voted to increase immigration visas to the highest level in our history.  Don’t get me wrong, Cruz is a conservative.  But, Cruz does not have the executive skills pass the legislation needed to turn this country around.  There are very few of his Congressional colleagues who will even talk to him let alone work with him.  

Don’t assume Trump’s populist positions are not conservative in their very nature.  Compare him to self-described “Conservatives” like Paul Ryan and others whose voting record, or lack thereof, belie their actual bias against true conservative values.  Trump has also proven that he knows how to use the Bully Pulpit to influence public opinion for a cause.  He will use these skills to get congress off of their proverbial butts and enact common sense legislation to get this country, not Wall Street, moving again.

Consider why the Globalist Establishment oppose Trump.  He will stop their mindless profit-motivated exporting of American Jobs overseas and cut off their cheap US Worker replacements via his immigration controls. 

The US consumes 25% of the world’s goods and services.  Over the past 40 years, more and more of the goods are being produced overseas while our factories are being closed.  At some point, you wonder who will have a job in the US to buy those foreign-made goods?

Think about it!

RD Pierini



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