Obama and Paul Ryan/RINOs are #NeverTrump

If anyone needed any confirmation that Washington DC, Democrats and Republicans are cut from the same cloth just look at Ryan’s withholding of an endorsement for Trump as the Republican presumptive nominee and Obama’s attacking Trump as a celebrity during his spinning of his economic disaster this morning. 

Time to Start Over

Then, the rest of the RINO herd, the Bushes, Lindsay Graham, the pundits, Steven Hayes, George Will, Bill Kristol, Katy Pavlich and a host of others piled on the presumptive nominee not only withhold their endorsement but many are still trying to start a 3rd party.  Their support for Rubio and Cruz failed miserably so they are seeking another back door!

Their hope is to split the vote enough to keep

Trump and Clinton from getting to 270 electoral votes. 

If Trump and Clinton both get 49% (264 electoral votes) of the vote, and the 3rd party spoiler only gets 2% (11 electoral votes or less) of the vote, without a candidate receiving the majority of the electoral votes the selection of the President will be decided on the floor of the House of Representatives. 

Once the election goes to the House of Representatives, ANY of the presidential candidates, including the 2% 3rd Party candidate, could be selected by the House of Representatives as provided by the US Constitution, Article II, section 1, clause 3. 

A Trump candidacy put states like New York, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida and other states in play that Obama won.  The chance of getting close to a split is certainly better than winning the lottery and thus the potential for even a weak 3rd party candidate, like Romney, to spoil the two frontrunners is possible. 

This is the political wet dream for the DC Establishment! 

Once the vote goes to Congress, the Republican insiders, who are the majority in the House, can select their chosen third-party candidate regardless of how many electoral or popular votes they received!

Trump Sessions

Why is the Establishment so tweaked by Trump?

There are two key issues that bind Republicans and Democrats and the Establishment/Donor Classes.  These two issues yield billions of dollars to large US Corporations and by extension venture capitalists (Romney), lobbyists and politicians via campaign contributions and golden parachutes when they retire!  Even the US Chamber of Commerce, who is supposed to support US business IN THE US, support this insanity.

  1. Open Borders-Open Immigration:

    1. Democrats and Republican insiders both share this goal. 

    2. Democrats see illegal immigrants as future Democrats and voters who will support them.

    3. Both support cheap labor to help their big business donors to keep their labor costs down.  US Chamber of Commerce spends millions on candidates who support open borders.

    4. Immigration Visas:  Both support expanding the worker visa programs so they can use the cheaper immigrant labor to replace both blue-collar and professional US workers.  This is huge for US businesses like the tech industry but goes way beyond Silicon Valley.  US Chamber of Commerce spends millions on candidates who support open borders.

  2. Free Trade” / Outsourcing of the US:

    1. Free Trade“, read this to mean agreements and treaties that allow US businesses to easily export their business and jobs to other companies, is supported by both parties.

    2. “Free Trade” also incorporates the principle of granting to a third-party, an international body, the power to rule and manipulate US trade according to the “agreement”.  This extends to the World Trade Organization and even United Nations “mandates”.  While this is unconstitutional, our elected officials, Congress and the Presidents, have allowed us to become subservient to international bodies.  Both parties have supported this practice and agreements.  The pending Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will further erode our sovereignty and push more US industry and jobs overseas!  The Democrat and Republican candidates support both treaties, with the exception of Trump.

    3. Free Trade is a misnomer and must be seen as an Anti-American labor mechanism.  The trade agreements allow US companies to export their production to other countries, then import the finished products back to the US!  Usually the country they are moving to provides tax benefits and certainly lower environmental and labor regulations than they face in the US.  In the process, American labor looses as do thousands of small businesses who provide local support for the exported industries.  So, when you hear of Carrier moving 1,400 jobs to Mexico, there are probably 5,000 small business employees who will lose their jobs as well.  These range from parts suppliers, local freight haulers, and the pizza shop across from the Carrier plant.

What is at Stake with a Ryan / Trump Meeting?

Donald Trump’s Jobs Plan and economic stimulus is predicated on reversing the exporting of our industries and jobs via trade deals and providing more opportunities to American workers rather than illegal aliens and Immigration Visa recipients.  These policies, coupled with his tax plan and the elimination of  idiotic EPA regulations, will in fact propel our industries and our workers to new heights. 

If you think for a second that the establishment politicians of either party, including Paul Ryan, care more about putting US workers back to work than keeping the donor class happy and swimming in foreign generated profits, you may as well support Bernie Sanders. 

Otherwise, let Trump know that he should tell Speaker Ryan to take his agenda and shove them …!

RD Pierini




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