Limbaugh-Will This Election Be His Last?

Rush Hitched to the Wrong Wagon!

Cruz Wagon

Ted Cruz is confronted by “Trumpists” (1)

Rush and Cruz both “lost it” these last two days with today being over the top.  Indiana polls are not closed yet but the Fat and Skinny Lady (Carly) has pretty much sung the Swan Song! 

This election season, Rush kept stating that he does not “endorse” any candidate although in the past few months it became crystal clear that he Supports, if not outright Endorses, Ted Cruz.  Not surprising if you have been reading any of his brother’s, (David Limbaugh) articles, this cycle.  The anti-Trump/pro-Cruz mantras have been less than subtle but today, Rush could not contain himself. 

Cruz Confronts Trump Supporter: (1)

 Cruz, in one of his Marion, Indiana events, made the rookie mistake of walking over to a group of Trump Supporters, holding several Trump signs, and engaging them in a conversation.  Why?  Cruz apparently thought he could convince the group with Cruz’s obvious superior intellect.  Cruz spend almost 9 minutes going tête–à–tête with the group.

Rush began today by ranting that Cruz was being “straight and narrow”, “brilliant”, and “factual” with a group of “Trumpist” (said with disdain).  He played two sound bites from the Cruz-Trump supporter.

RUSH: Now, this just happened not long ago.  It was this afternoon in Marion, Indiana, during a campaign event, Ted Cruz is confronted by Trumpists.  We have two sound bites here.  This little exchange, these two bites, could serve as a microcosm for this entire primary.

CRUZ: (outdoor noise) What do you like about Donald?

TRUMPIST: Everything.

CRUZ: You… Give me one? 

TRUMPIST: The wall.

CRUZ: Okay, the wall.

TRUMPIST: That’s the main thing. Immigration.

CRUZER: Ted’s —

CRUZ: All right, hold on a second.

WOMAN: Hillary Clinton!

CRUZ: You know on the wall that Donald told the New York Times editorial board he’s —

WOMAN: That’s right!

CRUZ: — not going to build a wall and he’s not going to deport anyone?

TRUMPIST: You’re lyin’.

CRUZ: Well —

TRUMPIST:  Lyin’ Ted!

CRUZ: (outdoor noise) Well, no sir. You know actually —

TRUMPIST: He’ll take down ISIS. He’ll take down the whole damn match up!

CRUZ: Civilized people don’t just scream and yell at each other, and I’m not yelling at you.

TRUMPIST: (crosstalk) Let me tell ya —

CROWD: (noise)

CRUZ: Do you know that Donald’s words were caught on tape?

TRUMPIST: (crosstalk) Let me tell ya —

CROWD: (noise)

TRUMPIST: Career politicians is destroyin’ our country!

CRUZ: The New York Times recorded the whole thing. It’s publicly recorded.  (transcript of the meeting was never released by either party)

TRUMPIST: How ’bout your mistresses.

CRUZ: Uh, that’s a total lie. Made up by (crosstalk)

TRUMPIST: Ohhhh, lyin’ (unintelligible) Lyin’ Ted!

RUSH:  I think that kind of sums up this whole campaign.  It’s exactly how it’s being perceived out there.  On the one hand, you have Ted Cruz, who is straight and narrow — a straight-down-the-middle, brilliant the guy. He is lined up with the facts, he’s got the evidence, and he’s up against the Trumpists, who believe he’s a liar because of (Trump impression) “Lyin’ Ted! He holds up the Bible, he waves the Bible around, and then he lies! Lyin’ Ted.  Lyin’ Ted! I talked to Tara, and he’s lying!”  And his supporters all think that’s true.

Rush has been in the minority today extolling the virtues of Cruz in confronting a Trump supporter.  The consensus is that Cruz should NOT have engaged a Trump supporter, let alone for 9 minutes when being taped.  Even a novice attorney knows that you never ask a question(s) if you don’t know the answer!  Especially when the press is taping!

Rush Call Trump Supporter Brain Dead!

Rush’s monologue that included the confrontation discussed above also included Limbaugh stating that the person Cruz confronted was Brain Dead!  Wow, that is a Democrat tactic, resulting to name calling.  (Also, I personally find it offensive to be called a “Trumpist” by someone who holds disdain for us and our support for Trump.)  A subsequent caller took exception to the moniker and confronted Rush:


RUSH: Josh in Jackson Center, Pennsylvania.  You’re first today.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It’s an honor to be on with you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I’d just like to ask you to please calling us Trump supporters names.  You try to get on board because Trump is gonna get the nomination, and our goal here is to beat Hillary Clinton.

RUSH:  I understand.

CALLER:  He’s the only one that’s gonna be able to do it.

RUSH:  I understand the goal is to beat Hillary Clinton.  I understand in a lot of primary voters that’s what guides their vote, who’s gonna beat Hillary because that’s number one the objective.  I didn’t call all of you Trump supporters brain-dead, but I’m glad you cited that because I need to address it. That whole incident haunted me and I’ll tell you why: ‘Cause I’ve been in it.  You know, a lot has happened to me in 28 years doing this show.  I have been in all kinds of circumstances.


The past few weeks has led me to question whether Rush will see this election cycle as the one he got wrong or if it was the cycle that dampened his spirit to continue his quest to “educate the masses”.  Either way, I think Rush will be hard pressed not to question himself and his handling of this cycle.  As Cruz is crumbling under the pressure of loss, so are Rush and others.  I have not seen the ratings for Rush’s programs but I can tell you that no one I follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are discussing Rush much at all.  Does that mean he has lost the Trump supporters from his audience.  I know we cancelled our 24/7 subscription.

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