Are We Nuts?

Do you sometimes scratch your head and wonder why on earth the government, our politicians, and the media are focused on really stupid, idiotic, insane, ludicrous, inconsequential, inane, ridiculous things while the rest of the world is on fire? 

  • We have 15% of our citizens suffering Underemployment today, and yet we are reading that Lindsay Lohan is converting to Islam.  Hope she looks into Sharia and female genital mutilation, polygamy up to 4 wives, death penalties for gays, and death penalties for “immorality”.

  • China tested a multiple warhead ICBM last week and we are reading that our Treasury Department, who overseas our $19 Trillion debt, is worried whose pictures are on $10 and $20 dollar bills.

  • The 28 missing pages from the 9/11 Commission Report is too sensitive to our ally, Saudi Arabia so Americans may not see them but we are reading that Saudi Arabia will pull all of its Trillions in US investments if we allow our citizens to sue Saudi Arabia if our citizens are harmed by Saudi sponsored/paid for terrorists!

  • Our government continues to ignore all of our problems with border security while we are reading that we just discovered a 800 yard long tunnel carrying tons of drugs including 2,242 pounds of cocaine and 11,030 pounds of marijuana.

  • The EU continues to deal with sexual assaults on their citizens by the Muslim immigrants and refugees while we read our President just landed in London to convince the UK to stay in the EU and subject their citizens to the same insane immigration and lack of assimilation polices that the rest of the EU is being subjected to.

  • Russian fighter jets came within 30′ of our warships last week while we read that the US took no action but “EMPHATICALLY” stated that the act of aggression was “unsafe and unprofessional.”   Wow, I feel safer!

  • The Zika virus is spreading rapidly into the US from South America and the CDC needs Billions to fight it while we read absolutely nothing about killing the mosquitos who carry the virus using a tried and true pesticide, DDT.  It’s once thought detrimental impacts have been scientifically disproved.  We could eliminate malaria at the same time!

  • The murder rate in Chicago has increased 72 percent in 2016, and 88 percent in the first three months of 2016, while we read that Hillary Clinton is chiding Whites for not confronting their own “privilege”!  I don’t even know what that means but I assume that I need to feel guilty that I am White!

  • Black abortions comprise about 40% (17 Million since 1973) of all US abortions while Blacks make up about 13% of the US population but all we read about from Black Lives Matter is that the cops are systematically eradicating the Black population.

  • Bernie Sanders is an unapologetic Socialist who is convincing our best and brightest that everything they want is free and will be paid for by a Capitalist working hard and paying taxes, while the RNC is doing everything they can to derail the only popular candidate the RNC has had since 1976 (Reagan, not Ford).

  • Transgender confusion with bathrooms is dominating every aspect of the news while no one is upset that Social Security recipients have been denied a COLA increase again while their Medicare premiums have been increased.  (How many transgender people are there?  .001%?,)

The problem with writing this is knowing when to quit.  I guess the best time is just before you get depressed knowing that no one has their eye on the ball or, are watching our backs! 

The time is now!


RD Pierini



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