Limbaugh Still Doesn’t Understand “We the People” vs the RNC

Rush and wE the People

Rush Limbaugh was exasperated again today, thinking he had to restate his monotonous diatribe explaining the GOP “RULES!  We the People NOW understand the RULES and understand that ALL OF THE CANDIDATES knew the RULES going into this election! 

What you are missing is that the vast majority of We the People ASSUMED that the GOP Primary Process was based on democratic principles.  But, it is not!

We the People were Wrong, we now know it,

and do not like it!  Period!

We also get that the RULES cannot be changed before the convention in Cleveland.  But, we want the GOP to know that We the People, will be watching the GOP, and we will apply a FAIRNESS test, not a RULES test on any of its, or its surrogate delegates actions at the convention. 

IF you fail the FAIRNESS test, We the People will hold the GOP responsible during the Presidential Election! 

Please know that if you fail the FAIRNESS test, we will consider your actions corrupt.  Voting for your corruption or Hillary’s corruption is just a matter of STENCH!   

You, your Elites, and your Donor Class have proven over the past 7.5 years that even when the GOP holds the House and Senate, the progressive, anti-individual agenda continues to roar ahead!  Your Elites are threatening to Impeach Trump based on his use of Executive Orders.  You have failed to hold Obama to any Constitutional standards over the past seven years.  We have been watching and are fed up with Ryan, McConnell and your “leadership”.  You spat on the Tea Party Movement.  This is Phase II and we are even more ready to TAKE AMERICA BACK!

We the People will not longer vote for another of your puppet candidates for President.  You can take that to the bank(ers) who own you! 

Just Sayin'

Just Sayin’






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