Trump-We the People-Not-We the Party!

Trump Once Again Exposes “That Which Is Not To Be Spoken”

Trump-One Vote

If voters do not determine their preferred Candidate, then why vote at all?

Why should the RNC and the State GOP be able to determine who the Presidential Candidate will be without basing the Delegates on the actual votes by the people? 

The candidates should be selected in a primary election process, by the popular vote of the people in each if the State’s congressional districts, with committed delegates awarded either on a winner-take-all or proportional basis.  These delegates cannot switch after the State’s certified election and cannot switch their vote without the consent of the candidate they are pledged to.  Neither the RNC nor the States can create “non-committed” delegates or super delegates.  Period!

The head of the RNC, Reince Priebus said yesterday that the GOP primary process has been in place since 1860 and has not changed.  What he means is that in roughly 160 years, we have allowed, using 2016 delegate counts, 1,237 people (delegates), chosen in various ways with only limited regard for the voters wishes, to select our candidate for President of the United States rather than rely on the popular vote by voters to determine committed delegates. 

It is true that the RNC and the DNC are private corporations that are allowed to create RULES to select the candidate for their party.  Each State has their own “sub-company” to select the delegates that support the candidate that is their State’s preference, almost.  This process was created way back when to ensure that those who controlled the party, the donors and political insiders, controlled who would be selected as the Presidential Candidates.  This is in the 1800’s way before social media, 24-7 news cycles, and the ability for candidates and their supporters to communicate real-time. 

Enter Donald Trump!

The question that Trump is raising is whether or not the delegates should only be selected according to the vote of the electorate?  Any won delegate must remain pledged to the winning candidate per the will of the people.  Sounds like democracy to me? 

Oh, but wait, this does not leave any room for the donor class and the insider elites to hand-pick the presidential candidate! 

Over 20,000,000 GOP voters will participate in the 2016 Presidential Primary.  Many citizens, like in Wyoming and Colorado, may not be able to vote at all and the delegates selected by a handful of GOP Party insiders in the State. 

In some States, the vote by the people will be ignored, and through the States’ RULES, delegates of the winning candidate may be replaced by the losing candidate’s delegates!  But, it is legal and according to the RULES! 

Yes Mr. and Mrs. Voter,

once again Lawyers control your lives. 

That is why Cruz the lawyer is winning the RULES battle.  The Insiders and Donors are #NeverTrump and using Cruz to play the spoiler by pilfering votes, legally!  He will be dumped on the 2nd ballot at the convention if Trump does not reach the 1,237 mark.

Trump is not lobbying for changing the system in 2016.  The rules change would be for 2020 and beyond. 

Why is it important to take this process back to the citizens?

  1. While the Donor Class and the Insider Elites of the Party do deserve a voice, their money and influence should not exert control over the election for the highest position in the United States.  The Citizens should determine the candidate.

  2. We need to simplify our process and remove a great deal of the costs associated with running for office.

    1. High Costs force candidates to seek huge sums of money from the Donor Class thus trading cash for influence.  Don’t try to say that our candidates are above this.  People are people.  If you take my money, I expect a quid pro quo at some point.

    2. The high costs are no longer needed as they once were if you can simplify the overall voting process and create a consistent primary voting process.  Why? 

      1. Text/Graphic based social media and 24-7 competitive news coverage will provide a great deal of “free” advertising for candidates that are astute enough to use these recourses creatively.  Trump has proven this!

      2. Instagram, YouTube and other video based social media give candidates the ability to run free ads!  Trump does this as well.

      3. If candidates do not have to have a battery of attorneys engaged in scrambling to get or keep votes at the State level, the overall costs to campaigns is reduced. 

    3. TV Network and Cable TV hate the idea of losing all of the traditional ad money from campaigns.  But, with many households now using DVRs, the effectiveness of TV political ads has diminished and will continue to decline.  (Networks down play this fact)

    4. Big networks and cable outlets, who have a symbiotic relationship with the Donor Class and the Political Elites, fight against any effort to streamline the primary process and lower the overall costs.

  3. It is in the interest of the Big Donors and the Political Elites to keep campaign costs high and out of reach for a mere mortal to run without selling out to the donors/lobbyists.

Trump knows this is not a change that can be implemented in the 2016 election, but he is raising the issue for subsequent elections.  Trump has led and set the agenda and talking points for this entire GOP Presidential Primary.  Be careful GOP, you may end up controlling the GOP but the GOP may be dead in its tracks!

RD Pierini



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