Contested Conventions Count-1976 Gave Us Today’s Iran!

Elections Matter!

Ford Given the Nomination In 1976

He Lost to Jimmy Carter

Did this Start the Rise of Today’s Iran?


1976 GOP Primary:

# Delegates Required to Win:  1,130;  # of Ford Delegates:  1,121;  # of Reagan Delegates:  1,078

In 1976, the GOP primary came down to a battle between the sitting President Gerald Ford and the California Governor, Ronald Reagan.  After all of the primary voting, both of the candidates came up short as is predicted for this 2016 GOP Primary.  In a contested convention in Kansas City, Gerald Ford was able to convince (almost bribe) enough delegates to support him over Ronald Reagan.

Gerald Ford and the GOP insiders, sound familiar, feared and disliked Reagan as a rogue candidate.  Remember also, that Ford was Richard Nixon’s Vice President and Ford took over following Nixon’s resignation.  So, Watergate followed Ford into the White House.  Ford issued an executive order granting Nixon a full pardon for any potential wrong doings a month following Nixon’s resignation.  This pardon was contentious and damaged Ford’s standing with GOP and Democrat voters. 

So, when Ford joined the GOP Presidential Primary, he did so under the shadow of the Richard Nixon Watergate scandal.

The GOP insiders were all aware of Ford’s damaged image and that many GOP voters associated him with Watergate following the pardon.  The GOP was hell-bent on making sure that Ford was legitimized by winning the office via an election.  Reagan was fighting an uphill battle against the Republican Party and the associated donor class and GOP insiders.

The Carter Catastrophe

The bottom line was that the GOP nominated Gerald Ford at the Kansas City GOP Convention in 1976.  Ford’s Democrat opponent was a relatively unknown peanut-farmer/Governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter.  Carter was actually a weak candidate but the Nixon baggage carried by Ford was too much for Ford to overcome in the general election. 

Enter President Jimmy Carter; the overthrow of a long time US ally, the Shah of Iran; enter the radical Islamic Ayatollah Khomeini and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran;  and finally, the Iranian Hostage Crisis. 

Could a President Ronald Reagan in 1976 Prevented the Rise of Iran?

Given Reagan’s hard-line stance on the US hostages held by Iran, his disdain for the overthrow of the Shah, it is pretty much a sure thing that if the GOP had nominated Reagan in 1976, he would not have had the Ford baggage and would have defeated Carter! 

A President Reagan in 1979 would have defended the Shah of Iran against the overthrow by the religious Islamic fanatics. 

Therefore, I submit for your consideration:

  • That today’s maniacal Iranian regime would not exist;
  • The war between Iran and Iraq would not have taken place, both leaders were allies of the US;
  • Hamas and Hezbollah would be non-entities due to a lack of funding by Iran; 
  • George H.W. Bush would not have had any provocation to invade Iraq; 
  • GW Bush would not have had any provocation to invade Iraq;
  • Al-Qaeda would have had great difficulty to thrive the way they did in the 1990’s;
  • ISIS would probably not exist at all in Iraq and Syria as both would have strong leaders.

So, Do Primaries Matter?

What Do You Think?

Another GOP Supported Insider would be a Re-Run of 1976


RD Pierini



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