A Campaign Without Trump! What Would We Be Talking About?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the University of Iowa Field House, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 in Iowa City, Iowa. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Without Trump, What Would The 2016 GOP Presidential Primary be Discussing?

Everyone complains about Donald J. Trump with his outlandish remarks, politically incorrect comments, and colorful language about topics and subjects that no civil politician and world leader should be talking about.  He takes politically incorrect positions and questions institutions that are taboo and have been sacred political cows for decades. 

Then, what he has been saying becomes the topic of the day!

He Doesn’t Think Outside of the Box,

Trump Incinerated the Old Box!  He Is Not In Any Box!


Trump has brought to the forefront of the political discussion topics that were heretofore never discussed in the way they are now in a GOP Primary.  He has turned on Millions, turned off thousands, and offended the sensibilities of the light of heart.

One thing Trump isn’t, Is An Insider Politician. 

The majority of the US electorate are sick and tired of rehearsed rhetoric and canned answers to questions.  They are tired of being told one thing only to see their candidates make a 180 once elected.  Promises, promises, promises.  They are tired of being handed a candidate and be told that this is the best we have so go out and vote!  Who picked Bob Dole?  Who Picked John McCain?  Who picked Mitt Romney?  Who made Paul Ryan the Speaker of the house and Mr. Turtle McConnell the Majority Leader of the Senate?   Enter stage left, Donald J. Trump! 

IF Trump is so bad, how come he is the only candidate who “gets” the frustration and fears of the electorate.  Why is Trump the only candidate standing against all of the traditional sacred cows!

What Outlandish Topics has Trump Brought into the 2016 Campaign?

  • “America First” policy on all issues.

  • “Make American Great Again” rallying slogan.

  • Stop Illegal Immigration from all sources:

  • Make Illegal Immigrants Leave and Apply for Re-Entry:

  • Building a Border Fence and Make Mexico Pay For It:

  • Overhaul of “H-1” Visa process and quotas

  • Halt the Syrian Refugee Program Temporarily:

  • Halt Muslim Visa Immigration Temporarily:

  • NATO overhaul to include focus on Terrorism and hold members to their contribution pledge

  • Review United Nations effectiveness and the US role and costs in this global organization.

  • Renegotiate existing trade agreements and put business experts in charge of negotiating trade deals

  • Foreign Policy:

    • Use of Nuclear Weapons in response to attacks will remain on the “table”

    • Iranian Nuclear Deal would be renegotiated

    • Engage Russia in the fight against ISIS

    • Encourage the UK to get out of the UK

    • Rebuild the Military to a deterrent level

    • Push China to get N. Korea to abandon nuclear program and intimidation tactics

    • Review nuclear proliferation and review the role of non-nuclear allies

    • Review contribution of our allies in support of their own defense

There are many other positions taken by Trump that changed the campaign dialogue to his viewpoints, opinions.  One thing that the 2008 and 2012 primaries had in common was a lack of energy by the voters in the campaign dialogue.  Trump has infused a level of energy, and controversy, that has brought the voters back into election process.  He has taken out “politics as usual” and has eliminated all of the traditional GOP establishment candidates except for Cruz and Kasich.  

100 Day Never Trump Campaign

Trump’s success with the voters has created an odd “cartel” of “Never Trump” groups including big money political donors and globalists, anti-Trump establishment types, pseudo-conservative pundits, main stream media, the non-Trump 2016 Republican Presidential candidates, and lobbyists.  They have a 100 day strategy that starts with the Wisconsin primary.  Their goal, take down the Trump candidacy!  They have engaged the left-wing MSM activists to help in their quest!

Trump and the Trump Supporter Challenge

Trump and his supporters have to hit this challenge head on.  Trump’s Achilles heal is with women voters.  He needs to change his outreach to this demographic as his message of job creation, reinvigorating the economy, homeland security, education improvements etc., appeals to this demographic.  They also need to see the true compassionate side of Donald Trump that helps those in need and who stands by his friends when they are under attack. 

Women and men have both suffered under traditional Republican policies and failings.  Both are disillusioned with the GOP, the GOP leadership in the House and Senate, and the “wussy” left leaning rhetoric that comes out of every establishment GOP politician. 

The Month of April will be the pivot point for this nation. 

Will we nominate a candidate who does not conform to establishment’s globalist ideology?

Or, will we wimp out and nominate another status quo candidate. 

See you in May!


RD Pierini




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