Radical Islam Is Caused by a “Lack of Maternal Participation and Acceptance”

Fundamentalist Islam/Sharia Does Not Promote the Value of Mothers and Women!


Christianity Promotes the Value of the Holy Mother, and All Mothers and Women!

After years working in the Middle East along side of Muslims and then watching the Islamic Terrorism spread and kill indiscriminately throughout the world, and watching accounts of Honor Killings and Genital Mutilation of women, the light finally came on. 

Fundamentalist followers of Islam and Sharia are Male Centric in every way. 

The male children grow up being taught they are superior in every way to their mother, sisters and every other female they come in contact with.  Infidel women have absolutely no value and males are encouraged to do whatever they wish with these women. 

The female children grow up being taught that they are inferior to their father and brothers and to every Muslim male they come in contact with.  They are taught they have no real personal rights and are at the mercy of the males around them. 

These attitudes are passed from generation to generation.  In most of the households in the Middle East, the home houses multiple generations of the family.  The grandparents reinforce this anti-female bias and servitude.  As young males enter puberty, they believe they are superior to their mother, their sisters, and every other female in their circle.  Since boys attend the Mosque with their Fathers and are segregated from women, their religious experience reinforces their lack of respect for women.  After all, if your Mosque separates men and women and women are not allowed in the inner chambers, women must not be equal to men!

Lack of Male Compassion in Fundamentalist Islam:  While I do not profess to be a psychiatrist, my observation of families in the West is that the mother provides a “softening” buffer against normal adolescent aggression (Testosterone Overload!).  (Dads are busy getting their boys to play football or compete in some way against other boys.  Ok, some push their boys to be good students.)  In the West, the mothers are supported by the fathers to “honor they mother” or you get the “poop beat out of you” if you disrespect mom! (personal experience)  Moms also give their sons a sense of empathy and compassion for their friends, kids they may not necessarily like, and people who are different from them.  Dads help but it is the mom who spends the most time with the children.  Western boys with sisters are also taught to PROTECT their sisters against any potential harm.  (before I get bombarded by the PC class, stay at home or time-sharing dads can perform the same vital function as the mom)

Why is this sudden epiphany important?

  If we, the West and Muslims who abhor radical Islamic terrorism, have any chance of changing the mindset of Fundamental Islamists, we have to recognize that the problem is systemic!  You will first have to change the way women and girls are treated and the equal role they have in society.  Mothers have to have the respect of all of their children.  Husbands and wives must show respect to one another and all males must respect all women.  Boys have to be taught to respect their sisters and all females in society.  Many parts of Sharia have to be abandoned such as genital mutilation, honor killing, polygamy, etc.  These will not be easy changes as they have been ingrained over centuries. 

We in the West, and Muslims who immigrate to our countries have a choice.  If Westerners are to ever live along side of followers of Islam peacefully, we must share the same cultural values and these are anchored around our Western sense of EQUALITY and RESPECT for men and women, girls and boys.  Without this change, we cannot possibly expect to coexist.  Also, Muslims must accept as equals others who follow different faiths.  They must also respect all other nationalities who reside in their new homeland. PERIOD  If the Islamic Community does not want to start this transition, then they are free to remain in their native countries. 

Expecting their new homeland to change to their way of life is not realistic and at some point, even Europe, will come to this realization and the cultures will have to be separated by force if necessary.  Neither side can or should exist operating in a constant state of tension, fear and resentment.

RD Pierini


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