Perspectives of Brussels, ISIS, and the US

ISIS Perspective

Brussels today and tomorrow

As I write this article, we have 300 days and 7 hours

left of the Obama Administration. 

The question in my mind is what will the world and the US look like

by January 20th, 2017? 

How many more European cities will be decimated; How many more Muslim immigrants and refugees will the EU allow in 300 days?  What will the US look like?  Will Obama have brought in 20,000 more Syrian refugees in addition to the 300,000 immigrants allowed in through various visa programs; will Guantanamo be closed and the terrorist housed within the US borders where we still be blackmailed to release them; how many attacks will have been successfully carried out on our soil;  finally, who will we be inaugurating 300 days from now?

My Perspective:  After spending several years working in the Middle East and North Africa, I have always wondered why, when left to their own devices, Muslim countries are very adept at destroying their own cultures and cities but are seldom adept at building up their culture and cities.  The Sunni-Shiite wars in various countries have not only destroyed modern advancements, but even more sadly, antiquities dating back over 5,000 years.  The question I find myself asking is:  “Are we facing a culture who sees the total destruction of the West as a justifiable goal?  Are the major EU capitals, perhaps major US cities, doomed to be reduced to rubble? 

The EU Perspective:  Led by the EU, with strong support from Germany’s Angela Merkel, European nations have encouraged unfettered immigration from the Middle East and Africa.  The latest waves are coming under the guise of a humanitarian effort to rescue Syrian refugees.   Their original intent was to use immigration to ease their labor shortage and lack of growth with the influx of cheap labor.  Further, European birth rates have been declining in the past decades due to birth control and abortion.  The EU also sold the immigration program as a humanitarian effort and one that would enhance the living conditions for Europeans and their new Muslim neighbors.  Unfortunately, the new immigrants have not assimilated into the European cultures and have stayed separate in ghettos. 

The EU also suffers from “advanced progressivism” in terms of a lack of self-protection from illegal activities or from terrorist activities.  Their policies prohibit intrusive policing that is required to trap dangerous communications and lax search and seizure statutes to adequately protect their own citizens.  The rampant incidences of Rape and violence this past Fall and Winter are mere shadows of the potential for real violence throughout Europe even without the threat of terrorism.   A major hole in the European’s ability to protect themselves is that travel between EU countries does not require a visa or other method of tracking movements.  The US inherits this problem in that we do not require visas from 28 EU countries!  So, the EU lax immigration controls becomes a major problem for the US! 

The $64,000 question is that within the 300 days remaining until we have a change of government, hopefully, what Europe will look like?  Assuming that the immigration, policing, and anti-terror problems remain unchecked, the EU may be beyond the tipping point for salvation.

ISIS Perspective:  ISIS views the EU as a “Soft Target” and one that they can exploit to bring the West to its knees.  They have witnessed week leadership in the EU that is actually helping ISIS to take over Europe and destroy it from within.  Even if the EU gives up and requests that NATO intervene, what would that look like and how on earth could you get the ultra progressive policies changed to create an effective anti-terror strategy?  The rules of engagement would probably be so weak that whatever strategy they came up with would fail.  How could the US engage with NATO as we would want to place restrictions on immigration from Muslim countries into the EU, and have the US require visas for those traveling from the EU to the US?  One can hope that in the interim that the UK votes to not stay in the EU.  At least that would give us an ally and a buffer from the continent. 

ISIS views Europe as a playground where they can keep 28 countries focused on finding internal terrorists while ISIS continues to advance around the globe and spread their ideology.  If they can lay claim to 3 or 4 San Bernardino style attacks in the next 300 days they can pretty much isolate the US from helping the EU to any great degree.  ISIS is betting that Obama will NEVER engage directly, on the ground in Syria.  ISIS fears Iran more than they do the US or the EU! 


In 300 days, will more major EU cities be viciously attacked?  Most likely. 

Will the US see more San Bernardino style attacks.  Most Likely. 

Will ISIS make major strides in North  and Central Africa?  Most likely. 

Will the US and the EU actually form a STRONG, joint anti-terrorism force.  Not Likely. 

Just fasten your seat belt, arm yourself, and be vigilant!   You are your families last line of defense.

Happy Easter!


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