H-1B Circular Lack of Logic

Job Loss

The H-1B program is to “US Employment Opportunities” as “Birth Control Pills are to Fertility”!


  • Year 1: Tech Industry complains that they need more Computer Related technicians so Congress increases the number of H-1B immigrants to fill Computer Related jobs; 
    • People in College switch majors to non Computer Related degrees since H-1B immigrants have taken the Computer Related jobs, so less graduate with Computer Related degrees; 
  • Year 2:  Tech Industry complains that they need more Computer Related technicians so Congress increases the number of H-1B immigrants to fill Computer Related jobs…and on and on! 
  • Result, more US citizens not working in our Computer Related tech industries! 

Same is true of many other fields requiring degrees and advanced skills. 

We are killing our own capabilities!  Also, firms such as Disney World and Southern California Edison have coerced their existing US employees to train their H-1B replacements by offering severance pay and favorable separation terms rather than the employee taking a chance on being terminated under another pretense. 

Ted Cruz’s Past Position on H-1B Visas:

While the Gang of 8 bill was being hashed out in Congress, Ted Cruz proposed the following for highly skilled immigrant visas (H-1B).

“The best aspect of the so-called Gang of Eight bill is the reform that is found concerning legal immigration. I think it makes some positive steps with regard to legal immigration (via H-1B Visas), but I don’t think it goes nearly far enough… if we want to improve high-skilled innovation in my view we should not do so by half measures. We should do so with a significant step that materially improves the status quo, and for that reason I’ve introduced this amendment to increase the (H-1B) cap by five hundred percent.”

Cruz still supports an expansion of the H-1B Visas in spite of the unemployment/underemployment of our own computer related resources and the capabilities of our educational system to produce even more US employees. 

For the “pure conservatives” out there, I have no idea how this squares with the rights of US Citizens to pursue opportunities and advancements, unfettered by a Federal Government, while this same government brings in H-1B immigrants to compete for the very jobs the US citizen has or is seeking.  Labor free markets will meet free demand over time unless the market is manipulated.  H-1B is a definite manipulation of our free labor market.

RD Pierini


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