Trump Is Right on NATO-Cruz is Pandering

NATO Analysis

NATO is not organized or constructed as an Anti-Terror military or intelligence organization and has no capabilities to assist the US or the EU in this fight!

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was signed on 4 April 1949, some 67 years ago following WWII in response to the Cold War!

Ironically, given today’s bombings in Brussels, The Treaty of Brussels, signed on 17 March 1948 by Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and the United Kingdom, is considered the precursor to the NATO agreement.  It was expanded over time to include 28 member states and a number of “partner” type of agreements. 

The NATO agreement contains Article 5 that states that an attack on any member shall be considered to be an attack on all.  Member States are then “required” to support the attacked nation(s) militarily.  The first time Article 5 was invoked was on October 4th, 2001, in response to 911 and a NATO involvement was supported in Afghanistan. 

Only Article 5 Involvement of NATO was In Response to 911

Without invoking Article 5, some NATO members also became involved in the War in Iraq with the NATO Training Mission – Iraq; then deployed warships in an operation to protect maritime traffic in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean from Somali pirates; Then, On 24 March, NATO agreed to take control of the no-fly zone from the initial coalition, while command of targeting ground units remained with the coalition’s forces.  Prior to these recent engagements, NATO became engaged in Kosovo in 1999, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993.

No military operations were conducted by NATO during the Cold War.

NATO is does not have its own military forces but relies on personnel, equipment, and intelligence services from member nations.  No hard coordination of intelligence within NATO members.

NATO is an Anachronism and needs to be Eliminated and a New Anti-Terror Agreement Formed, If Possible.

America NATO members are ONLY “required” to spend 2% of their GDP on their military defense.  Since the US spends a much higher amount of their GDP on defense, the volume of the US defense expenditure effectively represents 73 per cent of the defense spending of the Alliance as a whole.  This does not mean that we pick up 73% of the total NATO costs, but it does mean that there is a disproportional reliance on US military capabilities. 

For a NATO type organization to be effective, members would have to have a consistent and like view on immigration, security practices, military use, and covert practices.  Probably not Possible!



European Union (EU) Versus United States View of Terror & Muslim Immigration

The American people predominantly support tighter controls over all forms of immigration from Muslim countries until proper vetting procedures can be implemented. 

The EU, conversely, in spite of continued terror attacks, a whole host of domestic law enforcement issues related to the new immigrants, continues to support virtually wide open borders and the continued immigration of people from Muslim countries without proper vetting.

NATO is not the type of organization that is conducive into morphing into an Anti-Terror body with capabilities to surveil, track and eradicate terrorist threat.  The other issues is that our current president would have to be replaced with someone committed to dealing with Islamic Terrorism head on!  Until that happens, there will be NO progress on defeating Islamic Terrorism no matter what banner it is flying!

RD Pierini



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