Natural Born Citizen Requirement for President-Islamic King as President of the US?

President Hashim bin Hussein of Jordan

Since the U.S. Constitution was adopted over 200 years ago (1789); and, coupled with the fact that our world has certainly gotten smaller, facilitating marriages between men and women (now men and men and women and women) of differing nationalities; the definition of a “Natural Born Citizen” is becoming more and more relevant.  The latest two controversies involved the current President, Barack Obama, and Ted Cruz, currently running for President in the Republican 2016 primaries.  But, this is potentially just the tip of the iceberg. 

Recently, a Twitter post queried whether Prince Hashim bin Hussein of Jordan, who is in line to be the King of Jordan, is a natural-born citizen of the U.S. and this eligible to be the King of Jordan AND the President of the Unites States!!!  Technically, he meets the same criteria that has been applied to Obama and Cruz.  All 3 have a mother who is a US citizen and a foreign national father.  Prince Hashim’s mother is none other than Queen Noor, who was born in Washington DC as Lisa Najeeb Halaby.  She gave birth to two sons who technically could be a President of the United States and a member of the Royal Family of Jordan.

Without making any judgements on the Prince’s lineage, the question remains, is he as eligible as Barack Obama or Ted Cruz to run  for and become the President of the US?  I would assume that even though the Prince is currently a Jordanian citizen, he could assert his US citizenry?  Then, would the Prince’s children be natural-born citizens, or could they assert their own US citizenship merely due to their grandmother’s citizenship.

And the Politicians and Pundits make this sound so SIMPLE! 

Congress really needs to define “Natural Born“.  That should be interesting to watch!!!


RD Pierini




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One thought on “Natural Born Citizen Requirement for President-Islamic King as President of the US?”

  1. Two points:
    1. Queen Noor renounced her US citizenship when she married, making her children ineligible for NBC.

    2. Prince Hashim would have had to have come to the US before the ages of 23 and resided in the US continually for at least 5 years after the age of 14 to become an NBC. Plus he would have to be a resident at least 14 years to be eligible for POTUS.

    Neither of these is fulfilled, and not remotely close to Ted Cruz’ situation.

    Also, Obama is the 5th or 6th POTUS born of a single US citizen. (count Jackson and Hoover in that list as well)

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