Cruz, Rubio & Kasich All Support Exporting US Jobs Via Trade


Donald Trump is the only Republican Presidential candidate who OPPOSES the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) as well as NAFTA. 

NAFTA and the proposed TPP trade deals all have or will reduce US jobs, especially for blue-collar workers.  But it goes beyond blue-collar workers.  White collar labor in supporting roles in supporting roles are also seeing shrinking opportunities.  Kasich supported NAFTA that opened the way for our industries and their jobs to be exported to Mexico and Canada.  Kasich also supports the TPP which will create another environment where US industries and jobs will be exported outside of the US. 

Marco Rubio voted to fast track the TPP and give Obama immediate authority to sign the agreements.  Rubio also supports the TPP!

Ted Cruz, not surprisingly, is two-faced regarding the TPP.  He voted to fast track Obama’s authority but then said he did not support the TPP!  Which is it?  Why fast track something you disagree with.  Typical Congressional tactic to vote on one bill two different ways so you can play both sides against the middle!

Large US Multi-national businesses and politicians are the only ones who win with trade agreements like NAFTA and TPP.  They are able to drive their profits through the roof by firing US workers in favor of cheap overseas labor. 

It makes no sense for the US labor Unions to support Obama and the Democrats who 100% support these types of trade agreements that kill union jobs.  It is time for rank and file workers to force their leadership to back Trump and bring back your jobs to the US.


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