#WTP-IF You Shoot a Bear, You Better Kill It! Repub. Elite Vs We the People


What is at Stake for the Republican Elites Now?

The Republican Elites and their henchman Mitt Romney gambled and lost last week!  They put on, and are still pursuing, a KILL TRUMP’s CHANCES campaign!  The only problem is that this “strategy” is failing miserably. 

The RINO’s candidate of choice, Marco Rubio, (Kasich also but he is out of it) failed bigtime at this weekend’s primary and caucuses.  Oh yea, Marco was crowned “Emperador de Puerto Rico”.  Rubio placed 3rd in Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and 4th behind Kasich in Maine.  Even worse, in the important Michigan primary on Tuesday, Rubio is in 3rd place 5 point behind Cruz and 24 points behind frontrunner Donald Trump!  The polls in Mississippi for the primary on the same day show similar dismal results for Rubio and the Romney Elites!

The Bet that Failed!  Watch Out McConnell and Paul Ryan

Well, when you poke the bear, you better be prepared to kill it or run.  The idiotic play by Romney and the Republican donor class and elites not only ticked off the Trump supporters, but also the Cruz and quite possibly the Kasich supporters.  CPAC was also pretty unanimously up in arms at the play and were very vocal about their disdain for the RINOs at their CPAC conference.  In total, all of those who are ticked off are encapsulated in “We The People”! (#WTP)


Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are now targets of #WTP and the non populist-conservative Republicans who are up for re-election or running for the first time are in for a bad surprise. 

This includes Paul Ryan himself who has a pretty safe district but will face a lot of disgruntled citizens at his rallies.  There are 24 seats in the Senate that are up for grabs including John McCain who said his last run would be his last, but his is a politician.  McCain is polling badly in Arizona and needs to be REPLACED in 2016.  Currently there are 4 candidates who have filed to run against McCain.

RD Pierini

Twitter:  @RDPierini

We The People:  #WTP

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