Is RNC Neutral in the Establishment Elite Pro Rubio Coup d’état?

Rubio Priebus TrumpWill the People Let the Corrupt Republican Establishment Usurp The Presidential Primary and Coronate Marco Rubio Over Donald Trump?

Panic in the RNC and the establishment donor class who make BILLIONS off of cheap H-1 Visas, illegal immigration, allowing trade partners to manipulate currencies, trade policies that hurt US industry, Federal Regulations that choke economic growth and competition in America, and much more, as Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican field and will probably take at least 8 out the 11 Super Tuesday States and even more on March 15th.  The RNC/Republican Establishment has selected Marco Rubio to carry the torch for them as he has already demonstrated that he can be bought off with his support of the Gang of 8 immigration bill.  Rubio represents another Obama like Manchurian Candidate except from the Republican side. 

Reince Priebus and the RNC will tip toe around this coup d’état so as not to be seen as violating their pledge with all of the Republican candidates, notably Donald Trump.  At the end of this week and through the weekend we have seen the Koch Bros. step up with millions for anti-trump ads and they are joined by many like-minded status quo insiders led by master fund-raiser, now on the Rubio campaign, Marc Short.  It is not inconceivable that this anti-Trump coalition will spend 5-10 Million before Super Tuesday and 75 million by the end of March to stop Trump. 

Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and John Kasich will be collateral damage in this onslaught.  Unfortunately, Ted Cruz allowed himself to be used, at the behest of HIS FINANCIAL BACKERS, in the last debate on CNN by joining with Rubio in tag teaming assaults on Donald Trump.  With backers like this, who needs enemies!

Plan B:  As I opined yesterday, Plan B for the Republican Establishment would be to jettison Rubio if he does not win a significant number of primaries in March, especially his home state of Florida.  If Marco under performs and loses Florida, Plan B will kick in.  I still believe that Plan B is Mitt Romney!  As long as Trump has not reach 1237 delegates, they can hope to slide in Romney to stop the bleeding.  If that does not work, they would consider creating a third-party!  They have the money and they certainly have the incentive.

Why?  Normally they would not care if a Democrat won over a Republican as this would ensure that the status quo, politics as usual, would remain in Washington and none of their fiefdoms would be threatened.  They believe that Clinton is an extremely flawed candidate and not capable of beating Trump or Cruz, or, she may be indicted!  Either way, they cannot allow Trump to come in and take back the government for the people. 

The Establishment only allow us poor folk to vote so we think we are in charge!

RD Pierini’

Twitter:  @RDPierini

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One thought on “Is RNC Neutral in the Establishment Elite Pro Rubio Coup d’état?”

  1. Taking under consideration the fact that very large percentage of the populace has no clue just about anything, that may happen. Hope not, but looking back in the history this is how we end up with dictator.

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