Republican Establishment Vs. Donald J. Trump & Ted Cruz

Rep Upside down

Well here we go!  The Establishment is unabashedly supporting Open Borders Rubio against Donald J. Trump. 

Its allies, FOX NEWS, the National Review, The Weekly Standard, Newsmax, and a host of other “conservative” rages and outlets are spewing whatever dirt they can make up, much of which is not supported by the facts.  Many are merely half-truths.  The establishment has even brought in the Ex-President of Mexico to bash Trump!  What’s next!  Since Ted Cruz is #2, they are also making sure he will not get any oxygen for his campaign and thus cannot backdoor their efforts.

Establishment V Cruz
                 Establishment V Cruz



If you had any illusion that the Republican Party would ever allow Ted Cruz to win the nomination, then you better rethink your opinion.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  Even the rags you thought would support a “true conservative constitutionalist” like the National Review, The Weekly Standard, Newsmax, and pundits like George Will and others, are selling you out big time. 

They have all doubled down on the soon to be loser Marco Rubio because they know they can pull his strings and make him dance to whatever tune they want to play.  They support open borders, cheap US labor via H-1A and H-1B visas, “Free Trade” where the US makes sweetheart deals with other countries so our US companies can move their manufacturing operations off shore, European style refugee and Muslim immigration policies, regulations to insure that smaller US companies cannot complete in the global market, and a whole host of other global centric policies. 

The National Review and the Weekly Standard writers have bombarded social media with anti-Trump snippets, many of which are outright lies or at best half truths.  The endorsements by Chris Christie and other “establishment” republicans, current and past office holders, and more evangelicals, has thrown the RINO establishment into high gear. 

Strategy:  The Terrier VS the Pit Bull:

They are having Marco Rubio, the small Terrier in the ring, act tough and go after Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the “Big Dogs”.  He is engaging in goofy name calling and making odd, diminishing remarks about his opponents.  These remarks are being backed up with the social media barrage noted above by Republican Insiders.  The problem is that this is not the mild mannered nice guy Marco Rubio who has been sold to the national public over the past 6 years.  Rubio is no Donald Trump nor is he Ted Cruz.  Rubio in not at all convincing in this role. 

What happens if Rubio doesn’t win any State in either the First Super Tuesday (March 1st) or in the Second Super Tuesday (March 15th), including his home state of Florida? 

Well, if the Ankle-Biter Rubio’s current tactics fall short, he is on tap to not win any of the First Super Tuesday contests, except maybe Alaska (snore)?  If the then loses Florida on March 15th, he is in a psychologically terrible position.  I say psychologically because many of the States that are voting between the First Super Tuesday and the Second Super Tuesday are proportional delegate states meaning that the delegates will be divided up based on vote count.  Between the two Super Tuesdays, there are 1,412 total delegates up for grab with 1,186 delegates being proportioned and 226 delegates going to the winner only (Florida’s 99 delegates are winner take all).  Rubio may pick up 1-300 delegates out of the 1,412 delegate total but he will most likely be behind Cruz and certainly well behind Trump.

Plan B – Enter Mitt Romney

Up until Romney took to Twitter to start demanding Trump’s tax returns and making innuendoes regarding their possible “gotcha” content, no one was even thinking about Mitt Romney.  Could the Establishment jettison Rubio at some point in favor of Romney?  “You Betcha”!  Romney was great in 2012 attacking fellow Republican rivals.  He only became “Wussy” when he was up against Obama! 

You must realize that open borders, other open visa immigration, anti US industry regulation curtailing competition, trade policies that favor global companies, protection of Wall Street, and on and on, amount to countless Billions of dollars for the few who run the GOP Establishment, including Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes of Fox News!  They are not going to give in without a very dirty fight.  Romney’s holdings are just that, holdings.  This means that he invests in, not owns and runs, many of the multi-national global enterprises who control the GOP.

Heaven Help Us!

If the GOP is successful with either Plan A-Prop up Rubio, or Plan B-Enter Romney, I predict a backlash against the Republican Party, and the Federal Government, like we have not seen since the founding of this country. 

The GOP Establishment successfully worked with the Left to emasculate the Tea Parties and the Tea Party Movement.  (ever wonder why the GOP really does not go after the IRS!)  Don’t doubt for a second that they would try to eliminate Trump and Cruz.  They will take Clinton over Trump or Cruz as they know HRC will keep the Status Quo in place!

 Limbaugh and Mark Levin both think Trump is the enemy. 

They better do a gut-check on the GOP!




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