Insiders Bait Rubio to Attack Trump! Smart Move?

Einstein Rubio

Albert Einstein:  “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

rhino hunting

Trump RINO Hunting-One At A Time!

All of the Republican Insiders and their Pundits are cajoling Rubio to attack Trump head on and stop battling Cruz for second place! 

Smart Move? 

Not based on the history of this year’s Republican Presidential Primary.

To date, every Republican Presidential Candidate who engaged Donald Trump in a full frontal attack has flamed out and has left the primary.  I guess it is OK for those who have no real skin in the game, other than a keyboard or a microphone, to push someone else into the lion’s den!  Those pushing include Rich Lowry and his NRO crew, Steve Hayes and Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, John Sununu, and a whole host of others who tend to show up on Fox News every few minutes.  Their consuming hatred of Trump is driving them to push the untested, tightly scripted, Rubio into a direct confrontation with Trump.  (Cruz has already shot himself in the foot!)

  • Rick Perry took on Donald over immigration and even casted Trump as a destructive force within the GOP and perhaps ruining any chance the Republicans may have to win back the White House.  Exit Perry
  • Lindsay Graham attacked Trump as not being qualified to even run for President let alone serve as President.  Then, just to add a cherry on top of the sundae, Graham called Trump a “Jackass”.  Exit Graham
  • Jeb! Bush is the quintessential example of a candidate going after Donald Trump and suffering fatal political injuries.  Jeb! apparently was the primo sacrificial lamb at the altar of the donor class to be told to ‘GO GET HIM’!  Go Get him he did spending millions in ads going after Trump and disparaging Trump in every other sentence out of his mouth.  He even got his brother and mother to go after Trump.  Exit Jeb!, Mom, and Brother
  • Bobby Jindal went on the offensive against Trump before Trump even realized that Jindal was in the race.  Jindal went down and dirty personally comparing Trump to a Clown and to Charlie Sheen!  (Sorry clowns, not disrespect intended).  Exit Jindal
  • George Pataki also went after Trump personally tweeting gems like; “Why is a serially bankrupt @RealDonaldTrump who insults Mexicans, Women, Blacks, Jews & POW’s on #2016 debate stage?”  Exit Pataki
  • Rand Paul went after Trump on many of Trump’s supposed policy positions in rants describing Trump supports as saying to themselves, “Oh my God, I liked his angry vitriol. But I didn’t realize he was for gun control, Obamacare, increasing taxes and taking private property.”  Exit Paul
  • Get the trend?

The real sad part is that the establishment and its donor class and these hapless candidates just don’t get it!  It isn’t about Trump.  It is about the voters who identify with Trump’s “Policies”!  Tearing Trump down is an insult to every American who has lost a job; had their wages cut; are spending more on everything from healthcare to their children’s education; lost their home; lost their car; seniors seeing their social security COLA being denied while their Medicare bills are increasing; AND, IN GENERAL, FEEL TOTALLY DISENFRANCHISED BY ALL OF THE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON AND THEIR STATE GOVERNMENTS.

You can attack Trump all you want.  You can try to force Trump to come out with those really dumb 43 point plans on how to save the smelt in the San Joaquin River Delta and other ridiculous position papers the traditional candidates write, post, then are never acted upon once the candidate is in office! 

But it is the SINKING FEELING IN THE PIT OF THE STOMACHS of every real America who has historically worked hard, tried to provide for their kids, obeyed the rules, and have seen their future and their children’s future dwindle before their eyes that will live on and prevail. 

You can try to blame Obama and the Democrats, but WE really hold all of you, Republicans, Democrats, Big Government, Big Banks, Wall Street, the Donor Class, the Establishment, and everyone who has been at the taxpayer trough eating away at our lives and our life styles for decimating our once great country. 


So, go ahead, push Rubio, Cruz, then Kasich to go after Trump. 

Bring in Bob Dole, McCain, Romney and all of the other Republican Losers to tell us how Dumb and Stupid we are for Trying to Take Back OUR Country. 

You Will Lose!  We Will Take Back OUR Country!

RD Pierini

Twitter:  @RDPierini 


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