Hey Fox, ABC Saturday Night Republican Debate-13.2M–700,000 More than Your “Trumpless” Debate


Fox News is Arguably the #1 News Network for

Conservatives & Republicans.

Yet, ABC had the best Republican Debate ratings in 2016 over Fox News and Fox Business News! 

And, ABC had to have their debate on a Saturday!

We have not heard a word from Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Megyn Kelley or anyone at Fox on this!

The ratings for the ABC debate with Donald Trump on Saturday was higher than the last Fox News debate without Trump.  This is in spite of the fact the ABC debate was on a Saturday night that has always been considered a low viewer night.  Fox News seems to be silent on this embarrassing defeat.

Megyn Kelly should thank Donald Trump for her reported $10M book deal.  It is doubtful that she would have received anywhere near this amount, or even any book deal, if it had not been for her dust-up with Trump.

Hat Tip



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