Fake Trump Ad-DECEIT in Emailing-National Republican Senatorial Committee



The National Republican Senatorial Committee is Fraudulently Spamming Emails with the FAKE Soliciting of Contributions in Support of Donald Trump. 

Below is a copy of the body of the email:


Sender2016 Alert [via NRSC] <info@nrsc.org>

SubjectDonald Trump’s opportunity

To:  [Your Name], The Iowa caucuses may be over, but now all eyes are on next week’s presidential primary in New Hampshire. Donald Trump has a tremendous opportunity, which is why it is so important that you stand with Donald Trump right now.  Show your support for Donald Trump with a Donald Trump sticker, yours with your donation of $3 or more.   

Get my Donald Trump sticker now


The irony of this fraudulent email is that the US Senate Republicans HATE Donald Trump but have no trouble in hitching their sick bandwagon to his parade.  The Trump Campaign @realdonaldtrump should sue the NRSC but I am sure that McCain and Graham have passed a law making this legal.  How about Cruz and Rubio?  They are members of the US Senate.  Where are they in this?

The Congressional Republicans wonder why we wish there was a way to vote each and every one of them out of office and replace McConnell with a real conservative who actually cares about the agenda of We The People!

Donald Trump is the only candidate for president who is self funding his own campaign which makes this fraudulent email campaign even more evil.  They are trying to raise doubts that Trump is actually NOT self funding as he is soliciting donations for Bumper Stickers.

RD Pierini







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