24 Gender Designations? God Created 2

Blatchington Mill school sex survey for 14 years olds
Blatchington Mill school sex survey for 14 years olds

Genesis 5:2:  “He created them male and female and blessed them…”

The UK government, Office of the Children’s Commissioner, is asking for pupils aged 13-18 to fill out the questionnaire shown above!  The students are asked to choose their “gender” from 24 different designations.  What is the point?

Obviously confusion is one of the purposes.  Younger children are entering puberty and are dealing with physical changes that will surpass any that they will ever experience. The questionnaire is poised to raised questions in the minds of the children without supervision, control or input from their parents. 

This is state sponsored gender confusion with the intent to suggest to young adults that there are alternatives to merely male and female and place “sexual preference” in the minds of these youth. 

Brace yourself as this same type of gender confusion will come to the US shortly.  The LGBT lobby is continuously trying to force their minority agenda onto the rest of the nation. 

The left’s goal is to start early with children and young adults and force choices onto these unsuspecting pawns.  Parents need to be vigilant to combat this onslaught of their children so they can guide them through their formative years.  Bad decisions at this stage of their lives can have long-term negative impacts on the rest of their lives.

RD Pierini

Twitter:  @RDPierini

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