Black Boycott of Hollywood’s Oscars-#OscarsSoWhite

First of all, memo to Hollywood. 

“You aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things overall.” 

Second of all,

“As a group, you are the most liberal group on earth, you are supposed to have all of the politically correct solutions”. 

Third of all,

“If you think you have an internal problem with one or more of you being racist, deal with it yourselves.” 

Fourth of all,

“There are no guarantees in life that everything you think you did better than what everyone else did, will be thought to be so by ANYONE else”. 

Finally and most important,

“The Oscars are a self-aggrandizing puff party where the largest egos in the world gather to give each other awards.  The public does not care if you think you should have been picked but were not”.  Life is tough, none of us always win!

You very seldom choose movies, actors, and actresses that the paying public think did the best job anyway.  You may want to check to see which movies actually gro$$ed the most.

So, if you actors and actresses and other members of the academy think you are racists, or others in the academy are racists, or are from Mars, we, the public who pay outrageous sums for a couple of hours of “entertainment”, don’t care.  Deal with it among yourselves. 

You have no one to blame but yourself since we the public don’t vote!!!


Professionalism is Appreciated

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