Is Trump a Populist or a Conservative?

Trump 2

Merriam Webster Definition of a Populist

“…a believer in the rights, wisdom,

or virtues of the common people”

Merriam Webster Definition of a Conservative

“…a person who is averse to change and holds to

traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.”

Note: This article is confined to Donald Trump as Ted Cruz and his supporters have already classified Cruz as a Conservative.  We will take their designation as how he would be best described.

 I think the establishment and/or the self-proclaimed conservatives have missed the proverbial boat on Mr. Trump.  Trump is not a conservative when viewed against the definition above, nor how the Self Proclaimed (SP) Conservatives have defined themselves.  (I am, however, a conservative and have been one since my epiphany in 1964 when Goldwater ran for the presidency.)  I  have not heard Trump self describe as a conservative either.  He has said he supports conservative values now.

At some point, people have to take people at their word when they profess to hold certain beliefs even if those current beliefs may not square with their past stated beliefs and actions.  Some Say Obama lied to become the President and then changed when he won.  This is absolutely not true as Obama espoused progressive beliefs throughout his career and campaign in 2008 and in his 2 books.  Further, he stated unequivocally that our Constitution was a flawed document and that he intended to fundamentally transform this country.  He has held steadfastly to his word!  If you missed it, maybe you cannot read like some are accusing the Trump supporters as being illiterate. 

So, if Trump is not the traditional conservative, what is he?  Some have reverted to name calling which “obviously elevates” the seriousness of the debate. (Sarcasm)  Make no mistake, this election is dead serious if this country is to remain a Judeo-Christian, Capitalist, Constitutional Republic.

Attention Establishment Class/Ruling Class/SP Conservatives:  Those who support Trump, and many others, are totally fed up with the ruling class, the donor class, the establishment class, and the SP Conservative class, for failing to listen and do the will of the people regardless of political affiliation.  They are fed up with a perceived Oligarchy running this country without regard for We The People and with total disdain for our wishes.  The SP conservatives are actually in a class of their own.  The disdain for this group by We the People is that this group is perceived to be a “holier than thou” group who regurgitates principles and values, then gives their undying support to the ruling/donor class regardless of the issue or the candidate. 

In the near term, this Oligarchy supported Paul Ryan first as Mitt Romney’s VP choice, then supported Ryan’s ascendancy as Speaker only to have him usher through one of the largest spending bills ever.  You were silent when George HW Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney ran for presidency and none of these had real conservative credentials like Goldwater or Reagan (even though Reagan had an epiphany of his own),  You were all but silent when GW run up the highest and most rapid expansion of the deficit in history, (Before Obama), failed to check illegal immigration, raised taxes by changing deduction rules, and, elevated John Roberts to the Chief Justice if the Supreme Court.  The rest of the candidates who did not win the election, have all been anything but true conservatives and that includes John McCain.  McCain had to draft a young Alaska Governor to run as his VP in order to prove he was a conservative. 

So it is a little hard to swallow when the Oligarchy, especially the SP Conservatives, jump on anyone for not being true to conservative or even republican values.  I am not even sure what comprises Republican values at this point.  They certainly do not follow their own platform.

“Mr. Trump Goes to Washington, He is running as a …”

Trump is obviously running as a populist in the 2016 primary.  He appears to be a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people, and eschews conventional wisdom, values others ascribe to him and to other Republican candidates, and especially the Oligarchy.  He has pledged himself to the Republican Party as long as they treat him like any other candidate, which is fair.  Better than some of the Oligarchy who say they will vote for HRC, assuming she is not in an orange jumpsuit, or not vote rather than vote for Trump if Trump IS NOMINATED BY WE THE PEOPLE.  Talk about narcissism! (Sorry, I am trying not to resort to name calling) 

We the People to the Oligarchy, “we have had to hold our noses and vote for a whole lot of candidates you have shoved down our throats so suck it up and grow up.”

Apparently, per his own words, Trump, as a business person, looked at this country and did not like what he was seeing.  Democrats and Republicans were creating their idea of an open society utopia where a big government was the sole controlling entity and the States and the people were relegated to subservient classes. 

The SP Conservatives claim they are for smaller government but supported big government candidates who were owned by Wall Street, the Banks, the US Chamber of Commerce, and most of Global Corporate American Companies who thrived on crony politics (not capitalism in any way) and open borders, via political campaign donations (Donor Class). 

There is no difference between what the Oligarchy was trying to achieve in the US, than what is under way and has been achieved in the European Union regarding an increased level of crony socialism, wide open boarders, and a federalization of what used to be autonomous and healthy nations.  With Europe as our template, Trump obviously saw a model he did not support.

The Oligarchy does not really object to Obama’s rape of the Constitution by bypassing the legislative process and the centralizing of power in the executive as it really does not matter to them what label is on what politician!  If they did object, the Republican controlled Congress would not have taken impeachment and shutting down the government, power of the purse, off of the table.  These are two safeguards that are in the Constitution to stop an expansion of executive powers by the President.   Further, as long as the power remains within the Oligarchy, they are perfectly fine to maintain status quo politically as long as the inertia continues to their utopian dream. 

Trump Today:  So, Trump did not support ideals such as Pro-Life, smaller government, control over our borders, a more fair tax system, a stronger military, and the other buzz words spewed by other candidates.  But today, Trump has loudly proclaimed that he is Pro-Life, for tight border control, for a strong immigration policy, for a much stronger military, for a revamping of the VA system to better serve the veterans, for a revamping of the tax code, for a strengthening of the War on Terror against Islamic Radicals, and for a stronger leadership role in the world among other positions. 

All voters have to decide for themselves whether Donald Trump is sincere and believes what he says he now supports.  I encourage all voters to read as much information as they can on the issues facing this nation and the positions of all of the candidates.  Listen to the candidates and ask if you believe them.  There is no litmus test you can give anyone seeking office as to whether they are sincere and believe what they are saying.  In the end it will boil down to your own belief which frankly, scares the holy heck out of the Oligarchy as this means than cannot manipulate you into voting for THEIR candidate.  What you should not do is rely solely on members of the ruling/donor class/SP Conservatives, political pundits on TV, bloggers, or anyone else.  The easiest way to decide is to ask:

Does this person share my values, have the energy to see the job through, and is believable.


One thought on “Is Trump a Populist or a Conservative?”

  1. In spite of some reservations, based more on his supporters than on Mr. Trump’s own words, I’ve changed my party registration so I can vote in the Oregon primary. And yes, he is espousing populist notions, but with an understated American free market vibe.
    Still, I love the quip Marco Rubio made a few days ago, “If Hilary Clinton won the Presidential election, the first thing she might have to do is to pardon herself.” I just love that.

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