“Establishment Conservatives” V The People

Hear No Evil...!  Congress should listen more and talk less!
Establishment Conservative’s Mantra

To The Establishment Conservatives

Conservatism does not work!  You know why?

You don’t have the Guts to Rule with Conservative Principles


Conservatism is not a political movement nor a party platform. 

It is the belief:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Anything else is an attempt to dilute these rights!

We almost re-started a real conservative movement in 1980 with the election, then the re-election of Ronald Reagan.  He fought long and hard against Democrat majorities in Congress and won many conservative principled battles and lost a few, notably, immigration reform.  But, Reagan never lost sight of our unalienable rights and our right to pursue them with as little government interference as possible.

Following the Reagan years, we had George H.W. Bush who was no conservative and basically gave back much of the conservative ground gained under Reagan.  Conservatives were emasculated by the left  and political correctness drummed out any echoes from Reagan’s past.  Even his legacy was allowed to be tarnish and he was portrayed as weak and mentally incapable in his last years.

The Clinton years so both a rise and the actual demise of the Republican Congressional clout as the left actually won the battle over Clinton’s impeachment in the press and in the minds of the people.  Republican Congresses will no longer consider impeachment, one of their two tools to control an out of control executive, as an option against a sitting president.  Every time it is discussed, the NYT comes out with an article about Clinton’s impeachment being about sex and the Republicans run for cover.

The GW Bush years saw a complete takeover of the government by the Republicans.  What a great thing for conservatism?  WRONG!  There wasn’t a conservative in sight in the government, the press or anywhere to be found.  The deficit doubled, as Bush and the Republicans increased the debt by $5.8 Trillion; added prescription drug coverage to Medicare without paying for it; passed a $700B bailout for banks in 2007; did not secure the border nor fix immigration; failed to defund Planned Parenthood; failed to stick up for Conservatives, Republicans, and our core values.  The worst failure was not stopping the freight train that derailed the economy in 2007 causing the worst recession since the Great Depression.  This train was a total capitulation of the core conservative economic principles we all fought for.  Bush’s legacy will be a failed economic policy, a failure to advance conservative principles, and a legacy of failed foreign wars that were fought to curb the tide of terrorism from 9-11 but only served to set up the ME as a melding pot for Islamic Fundamentalism. 

We have squandered Reagan’s legacy and have allowed ourselves to be subjugated to a ruling class made up of Democrats and Republicans and those calling themselves “conservatives”  Many of the latter are in elected offices.  Many are members of the media who pretend to feign outrage when someone who does not fit their mold comes along and sticks up for THE PEOPLE. 

So, National Review and all of the so-called Conservative brain trusts. 

  • Where were you in standing against all of the PC crap the left was shoving down our throats in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s? 
  • Where were you when Reid called bush a liar and chanted, “Bush Lied, People Died”.
  • Where were you when the Tea Party Movement started to restore some semblance of fiscal responsibility back into this nation.  Oh Yeah, you were on the sidelines in your comfy little offices penning vitriolic opinion pieces against the Tea Parties and their members as not being “our kind”. 
  • Now you appear on Fox News as the only ones who care for the conservative movement and the only ones that know what that actually means. 



You want to see a Hypocrite?

Look in the Mirror

By the Way, when was the last time you had the Guts to run for a Public Office?

RD Pierini


2 thoughts on ““Establishment Conservatives” V The People”

    1. I almost could not sleep last night. We need to make sure none of these elitist are used as analysts on new shows or moderators on debates. They picked a candidate and that changes their status as being intellectually honest. Also, Megyn Kelly should not be a moderator in the upcoming debate. She cannot check her ego at the door and wears her bias on her sleeve. She was drooling when interviewing the NRO group last night. Also, the Tea Party person who joined this group may be in violation of her 501(C)(4) status by supporting a specific candidate. These self professed conservatives are responsible for past republican failures and are PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. I don’t think I have calmed down yet!!!

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