Sarah Palin Endorses Trump – Love her or Hate Her ?

Palin delivered an enthusiastic endorsement of Donald J. Trump just a few minutes ago.  It was not like Graham’s endorsement of Jeb!.  Two older guys surrounded by even older guys waxing poetic in a boring monotone.  Palin was animated and targeted in praising Trump and taking shots at the GOP establishment.  She is obviously dismayed with what has transpired in the GOP and DC since the 2008 campaign.  It was a fairly long speech which resonated more like a campaign stump speech. 

Twitter lit up with praise, accolades, vitriol, and unmasked hatred.  It was a reminder how this nation took a woman, who was a wife and mother and yes, a governor, and allowed the MSM to systematically tear this human being to shreds while the establishment GOP stood idly by or even assisted.  Sarah was instrumental in helping the Tea Party movement to succeed following the unsuccessful run for President by McCain/Palin in 2008.  She backed many conservative candidates including Senator Ted Cruz who has stated that he could not have won without her help. 

Palin’s insertion into the Trump campaign will introduce a new grass-roots dynamic.  Sarah is a tireless campaigner who understands retail politics.  She is at her best in one on one situations and just as comfortable in front of the entire GOP convention.  Not sure if Trump has any plans for her should he win the nomination or not.  If nothing else, Palin’s working with the Trump campaign will add some fun to the mundane world of politics.  The “conservative” pundits will wonder whether she has abandoned her conservative values or just abandoned her senses.  The left will ramp up the Tina Fey coalition and re-bash her personally, trash her family, and dig up all of the vile they spewed in 2008 and after.  (PS, they are still afraid of her)

So, sit back, chill out, and stay tuned.  Remember how boring the 2012 election was with Romney and the gang trying to out polite each other?  At least this won’t be boring.

RD Pierini

Twitter:  @RDPierini


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Endorses Trump – Love her or Hate Her ?”

  1. OMG! I am stoked! That speech was dynamite. She artfully blended her own memes with Trump’s, made up some new ones – my favorite was, “Wearing political correctness like a suicide vest!” – and got the crowd even more enthusiastic than even Trump did! She is amazing! I hope her helpers fit her and Trump with Kevlar body suits for protection.
    A poster on my *other* favorite blog suggested she would make a great head of EPA. I totally agree. The folks on the blog think Trump is going to go waayyy outside the box for his VP pick. We shall see. As he says, he likes to surprise people.

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