The Perfect Conservative Candidate-Trump V Cruz?

Does One Plus One = Two?

Ruling Class v the People’s Election

“Are The Good Times Really Over for Good” Merle Haggard

Conservatives bash Trump for his lack of conservative creds and the Trump supporters, well, don’t like anyone but Trump no matter their creds.  It appears the Republican candidate will most likely end up between Trump and Cruz in spite of the Republican Establishment’s “weeping and gnashing of teeth“. (Matthew 13:42) 

Rubio is obviously the only hope the establishment has left but his lack of maturity and his robotic rhetoric leaves the voters cold and unimpressed.  He is a great looking young man, intelligent, with honed debate skills and an Obama-Like rhetorical delivery.  I think it is this latter “quality” that may turn off a lot of voters.  “All hat, no cattle”, if you know what I mean.   So for now, I’ll opine a bit on Trump and Cruz.

Form Over Substance:

Timing, the Key Ingredient

Is form superior to substance or is substance superior to form?  Is one more superior to the other?  Is timing the real definitive determinative factor when assessing the two?

I submit to you, that timing, 2016, the end of the reign of Obama, the ushering in of the most progressive era of our Republic, is indeed the determinative factor in this election.  Voters, especially conservative, evangelical, and family value voters, from all parties, are fed up and angry.  Ronald Reagan stated:

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

He added:

“It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

In 2016, people of all ages, political stripes, religious affiliation, race and root nationalities are ready to fight for Freedom that was lost as it was not protected and handed down to the last generation.  It is a recognition of our own shortcomings and an anger at not standing earlier and saying, “ENOUGH”, “SUFICIENTE”, “ABBASTANZA”, “ASSEZ”, OR in any language you wish.  In the past 8 or so elections, have you ever said to yourself,

  • Why can’t the DNC or RNC nominate anyone I like?
  • I am going to hold my nose and vote for “X”?
  • This is the last time I am going to vote just because I am a Democrat or Republican?

Or after the election:

  • They all lied about what they were going to do?
  • Nothing ever changes no matter who gets elected?
  • Why bother to vote?

If you said or felt any of these, you are not alone.  This is shaping up to be a battle of “I have had enough” against the ruling class.  The Ruling class is not party specific.  It includes Democrats who do not listen to their constituency and Republicans who do not listen to their constituency.  The American People are smart enough to see when there has been a collusion between the parties to ensure a continuation of the Ruling Class and their dominance over the “people”.  In the past, people have given their own party a break and blamed the other party.  Today, there is no other party, just the Ruling Class v the People.

Trump = Form? — Cruz = Substance?

The Cruz supporters rail against the lack of substance behind Trump’s comments.  They say that “he is just one sound bite after another”.  “Trump has no solutions, just rhetoric.”  “Trump does not have the political experience to run the largest country on earth”.  “Trump does not even know what the term ‘Triad’ refers to”.  “Trump was a liberal his whole life and now he is a conservative?”  And much more.

The Trump supporters rail against Cruz for being an insider in that he is a sitting Senator.  Now, “he is not very well liked by anyone”.  “Cruz is divisive by pitting New Yorkers against the rest of the country”.  “Cruz does not know how to make the country great again”.  “Cruz is an insider who never worked in the private sector, always in government or education”.  Then “Cruz is not eligible to be President”.  And much more.

In my opinion, in a perfect world, we need both rolled into one somehow!

Cruz brings the conservative bona fides to the table in spite of the little Terrier Rubio nipping at his ankles regarding his voting record.  Academically he is probably one of the best young constitutional minds in the US who, hopefully will become Chief Justice.  He also has the ability to frame issues as teaching moments and to explain complicated concepts and legislation to the average voter without seemingly speaking down to them.  He is also consistent in what he believes and how he lives.  He is the real deal.

Trump is a tried and true entrepreneur who has been very successful personally and who has the innate ability to rally the troops.  As a business person, he has not always been consistent in his statements on public policy and has bought and sold politicians on both sides of the aisle.  He is not the most articulate spokesperson for complicated concepts or issues but that is not an indicator of his intellect or capabilities.  He is very intelligent and can quickly cut through the noise and hone in on the core issues.  That is why he has set the national agenda since May of 2015.  He sees the problems in America and has the New York Hutzpah to stand in front of the World and proclaim them loudly and HUGELY.  No other candidate has this capability. 

Both of these gentlemen bring a lot of talent into this race as evidenced by the success both have achieved so far.  Trump was not even a long shot in may of 2015 and laughed about when he announced.  Cruz was considered a wacko right-winger in the Republican party and a thorn in the side of his own party.  In truth, the RNC hoped both would go away quickly and early on in the primary process but, alas, they are now one and two!  The establishment insiders, Kasich, Bush, Christie, are all but out and Rubio is the last one standing trying to unseat Trump and Cruz.  Carson, Fiorina, Huckabee and Paul are also one or two states away from dropping off.

Trump and Cruz–Forming an Italian Firing Squad 

Being Italian, I grew up with a lot of less than flattering descriptions of various Italian traits and idiosyncrasies.  One was the when Italians form a firing squad, they put the shooters in a circle around the target.  When they fire, they would often shoot each other!  Hence, this was not a positive picture.  But, that is what Trump and Cruz are now doing and may mortally wound each other before it is over.  They need to keep their focus on who the enemies really are, the Democrat Party and the Republican Insiders and big money donors. 

Democrat Focus:  Hillary may or may not be the nominee given the level of legal issues she faces.  Bernie will probably not get the nod as he is anti Wall Street and Wall Street funds the Democrat Party.  Possibly, Warren or Biden could end up being the Democrat candidate.  The focus on the Democrat party has to be against their rapid move into progressive ideology that is ruining this country internally. dividing this country against itself, and weakening us internationally.  Those are soft targets with lots of easy game to pick off. 

Insider Focus:  The second focus is to re-energize those who still want to be called a Republicans.  They are fed up with Congress as well so Trump and Cruz need to take the lead in LEADING Congress into sound legislation that this country sorely needs.  They are part of the ruling class but they will bow down to power!  Rubio is not that far back and if Trump or Cruz falter due their mutual attacks, Rubio could come forward in the polls.

Moving Forward-Voting

Trump and Cruz need to go to their respective corners and assess their focus.  They appear to be tangled up in each other’s rhetoric to the point that they are blocking out the real enemies.  Forget the MSM, they love to see Republican infighting.  In the end, they do not care who wins the election as long as it is from their slate of progressive candidates.  Cruz needs to drop the Alinsky like attacks on Trump’s New York persona and beliefs.  Trump needs to drop the birther issue.  That will sort itself out one way or the other. 

With the world as we know it in total disarray, and the US facing short term nuclear confrontations with Russia, and long term from Iran and North Korea, and a real existential threat from Radical Islamic Fundamentalism, Trump and Cruz need to rally their bases and pick up support as the other candidates drop off.  In the end. one or the other will come out on top.  Right now, the world, and our nation need both to be focused on the real dangers we face and practical solutions to remedy years of US conservative “deferred maintenance”.

The People have to Win This Election, or Else!

RD Pierini




One thought on “The Perfect Conservative Candidate-Trump V Cruz?”

  1. Great post! You really hit the nail on the head. And your analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of BOTH Trump and Cruz is excellent. My only quibble is that I have seen Cruz work with and for McConnell and the National Senate Republican Committee and Cruz did not support ONE conservative challenger of an incumbent.
    Hence, we now have Cornyn and Cochran, among others. This tells me Cruz will do ANYTHING to get ahead in politics. I don’t see that in Trump. He is not ambitious – he’s already achieved his dreams – cool wife, great kids, fabulous company, rich as Croesus. Now all he wants if to “Make America Great Again!”

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