Walmart Downsizing Myth

Walmart is Fine!

Everyone is panicked over the closing 0f 154 US Stores.  In 2011 Walmart entered the “convenience store” segment opening Walmart Express convenience stores as a test.  104 out of the 154 stores (67%) to be closed are the Walmart Express Stores.  Most in the retail sector questioned Walmart’s move to open C-Stores in 2011.  23 of the stores to be closed are their Neighborhood Store format.  These stores are a typical grocery store format like Safeway or Kroger supermarkets.  They are closing only 12 Supercenters and 4 Sams Club stores that were not performing.  These closures are not a signal that the retail segment is declining.

That said, the retail sector is being hog tied by the lack of job and wage growth in the and worldwide.  Growth has been sluggish and will continue until pro growth economic policies are re-established.

RD Pierini



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