When Is Enough, Enough?–Iran Forces Female Naval Person to Cover Hair

When is the West going to stop cow towing to Islamic political correctness?

When are we going to demand that Muslims RESPECT our beliefs? 

When are we going to demand that Muslims RESPECT our women?

Iran HostagesOur Service Woman was forced to Cover her Hair

Iran boards one of our naval vessels; disarms our service men and women; forces them to kneel on the deck of their boat; then detains them for hours forcing the one female to cover her hair Hijab style.  Before allowing our crew to leave, the Iranians removed the GPS devices from the two boats.  After the crew was released, Kerry and our government took a victory lap claiming that they have improved relations with Iran so much that this was not even a crisis and thanked Iran for negotiating the release of our crew so quickly.

Do these actions describe a regime that we should consider a “partner” in a nuclear proliferation treaty?  Why didn’t the Iranian Republican Guard contact our chain of command when the boats were detained.  Surely “partners” could have resolved this without detaining our personnel. 

This comes on the heals of Iran firing a missile within 1,500 yards of one of our naval ships last week.  US Response:  Rhetoric

Prior to that, Iran tested a long-range ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel in violation of the proposed “Nuclear Agreement”.  US Response: Rhetoric

Every time the Iranian Ayatollah is addressing crowd, he leads the chants of “Death to America and Israel”.  US Response:  Not even Rhetoric

Following the release of our naval crew today, our Secretary of State John Kerry thanked the Iranians “for their cooperation in swiftly resolving this matter”.  He then bragged about the role his diplomacy and the nuclear deal made in resolving this issue; “…we hadn’t talked to for 35 years”, ergo, our diplomacy was responsible for this situation being resolved. 

Be more than a little skeptical, I wonder:

  • Since the navy has ruled out mechanical malfunctions on either of the 2 boats, why did they approach Farci Island and enter Iranian waters?
  • How did we lose contact with both boats just prior to their capture?
  • It is well known that Farci Island is the home to an Iranian Republican Guard naval base so why would 2 of our boats approached this sensitive area?
  • Was this event staged to show how well the Iranians are behaving now so Congress would not block the release of $150 Billion in Iranian assets this week?
  • Was the Iranian Republican Guard trying to sabotage the Nuclear deal as they are vehemently opposed to it?


My first thought is how much we owe our men and women in our military when we see how they are hamstrung by the present rules of engagement and unable to defend themselves. 

When they report to a Commander In Chief who has disdain for all militaries and merely uses them as props in his international chess game.

RD Pierini

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2 thoughts on “When Is Enough, Enough?–Iran Forces Female Naval Person to Cover Hair”

  1. Saver, I hope you and your readers are reading John Trudel’s novels! He writes action thrillers that include tons of in on Islamic extremism and Iran. You will be surprised to learn that he does not portray hatred of Iran, rather understanding of the politics at work in the country. Most of my respect for the country goes back to the days when it was Persia, a highly civilized nation with a fascinating history. What O and his administration are doing now is an abomination and we will live (I hope) to regret it!

    1. I have no hatred for Iran as a country. I was working in Iran just prior to the Shah being thrown out consulting on a feedlot and lost several friends to the revolution. If am just tired of tip toeing around political correctness and tying our military’s hands to the point that cannot defend themselves.
      Most of the Middle Eastern countries have been bifurcated by Western meddling starting in 1917. I agree that there are two Irans but the one that is in power now is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. They are also responsible for many of our military deaths in Iraq (I do not think that war was in our best interest either). We have blown a couple of opportunities to rid Iran f its current rulers and that would have been in our best interest but sat back and did nothing. I have followed John’s writings. KG introduced me to them a while back.

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