Muslim Immigration Rationale In Light of Terrorism Threat

Multiple Agenda in Play

It is logical for people to question the rationale of Western governments who seem to be highly motivated to increase the level of immigration from Muslim countries, regardless of the difficulties to assimilate large non-indigenous groups of people in a short period of time and coupled with the increase in local terrorism being perpetrated by some of the immigrants.  It is compounded further when the Judeo-Christian West is trying to assimilate followers of Islam, whose radicalized followers vow to convert or kill Christians, and, do not share common governance principles.  (Sharia vs Western Judicial System) 

Further, that with the rise of violence and the increasing terrorist attacks being perpetrated by radicalized Muslim immigrants, civil order and personal safety has become a widespread concern for their citizens many of which are emphatically questioning the wisdom of their elected officials.  In order to understand why politicians and world organizations are pushing for increasing immigration, you will need to understand that there are multiple agenda and  goals in play that may or may not seem logical to you. 

Some of what you hear or read are justifications to promote this type of immigration as the real motivations are not put forth.  Also, you may be blamed for being Islamophobic/Xenophobic for disagreeing with your government’s immigration policies.  Don’t fall prey to this intimidation tactic.  You have every right to challenge your elected official’s policies and to demand answers and changes. 

It will also be difficult for many to admit the level of ideological fervor behind much of the decision-making.  Finally, it will also be almost impossible to rationalize how some of the leaders can possibly believe that they can survive their own misguided, ideological decision making.  You will have to challenge yourself to look at the current situation and ask yourself what is the true motivation behind countries seeking to increase levels of Muslim immigration  without providing the safeguards needed to protect their indigenous citizenry and assimilate those newcomers crossing their boarders.  What is their end game?


Immigration Vs. Terrorism Threat: 

Size of the Threat:  On the surface, it seems logical that politicians would see the correlation between immigration from Muslim countries and the potential increased threat of violence from radicalized Muslims who enter a country without being properly vetted.  Say for example, that .1% (one tenth of one percent) of Muslims may have been or will be radicalized.  Assume that there are 2 billion Muslims in the world today.  This would mean that there could be 2,000,000 potentially radicalized Muslims in the world.  That is a very large number of people who may be recruited into radical groups with varying ideologies but the common goal to defeat Christianity and the West. 

Is it Islamophobic to equate the current level of terrorism to the increasing radicalization of Muslims?  No.  Radicalized Muslims have been responsible for over 90% of the acts of terror around the world in recent years and the acts are increasing and spreading into the heartlands of Western countries.  Don’t abandon common sense for political correctness.  If 90% of the terrorist attacks were being perpetrated by Christians, it would be equally as appropriate to say that radical Christianity is responsible for the increase in terrorism. 

Finally, it does not matter which radical group terrorist align with.  If a particular group is eliminated, they will join one of the surviving radical groups.  We have allowed our government to segregate Islamic Terrorism into various factions so when the government makes progress against one group, they can run a victory lap.  (Had you even heard of Al Qaeda before 9/11?)  The problem of Islamic Terrorism does not go away just because one group is eliminated.  When bin Laden was killed, Obama said the Al Qaeda was on the run and diminished.  The words no sooner passed his lips when ISIS came to the forefront.  Now, Al Qaeda is back with vengeance in multiple theatres.  We have to focus on the broader Islamic Terrorism threat rather than continuing to focus on differing factions.  That would be like someone thinking that they were at war with the US Navy but not recognizing the rest of the US armed forces units would join the overall fight.


Justifying Unchecked Immigration from Muslim Countries

As I stated at the beginning, there is not one single ideology or rationale used by Western Governments to promote and allow unfettered immigration.  The following are some of the stated and not stated justifications.

Natural Population Growth Statistics:  The U.S. and European household family sizes have dropped significantly since the 1960s.  In the US, the family size in 1960 was 3.67 while in 2014 it fell to 3.13, a drop of 17%.  In Europe, by 1995, the average household contained 2.5 people. This is expected to decrease further as the number of one-person households increases from 30% in 2000 to 36% by 2015.  Conversely, the family sizes in Muslim homes in the US are 25% larger than for non-Muslim families.  Use of birth control and the incidence of abortions in the US and Europe are both high contributing to the decline household sizes among Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, with the latter two comprising a disproportionate share of the number of abortions.

European Labor Force Shrinking-Rationale for Immigration:  Europe’s population of 500 million people is aging and many of their baby boomers have or will soon be leaving the labor market.  Within the next 50 years, the European labor force will be reduced by 45 million workers (almost 10% of current population) due to retirement.  Angela Merkel, speaking in Berlin to 4 cabinet ministers in May of 2013, stated; “It’s high time to start tackling the generational challenges.  Projections that Germany will have 6 million fewer working-age people by 2025 mean that we can surely do more to be open to immigration.”  Clearly she sees immigration as the only means to solve Germany’s labor shortage that is looming on the horizon.  As the leading manufacturing country and most affluent in the EU, Germany is committed to maintaining its dominance.   In 2015, Germany allowed over 1.1 million immigrants to enter their country.  The European Union’s 27 member nations have adopted several policies to “control” their newly arrived immigrants but given the increasing levels of terrorism and civil disobedience involving wide-spread sexual assaults and property destruction, they clearly do not have their immigration under control nor are they able to assimilate them into their societies.  The presence of “No-Go” zones in many of the larger cities in the EU are evidence of the lack of assimilation.

US Labor Force Manipulated Shrinkage-Rationale for Immigration:  There are several factors that are contributing to the shrinking US labor force.

  • The US has over 94,000,000 potential workers who have dropped out of the job market since the 2008 recession due to policies that our government is pursuing is also serving to perpetuate this low participation rate.
  • Hardest hit are the US minority populations of Blacks and Hispanics, some of which are refugees or Muslim immigrants.
  • The US has increased the amount of social welfare benefits one can receive, who is no longer in the work force, which further incentivized higher rates of non-labor force participation.
  • The US also has a large segment of its population who are baby boomers and who will be retiring now and in the next few years further reducing the labor force and increasing Social Security outlays.
  • Immigration, legal and illegal, is increasing while the labor participation rate continues to decline among US workers.  Read that line again.  Fewer US citizens are fining jobs so quit looking while our government is bringing more non citizens.
    • H1-A and H1-B visas have increased since 2008 and this labor is replacing US workers who are no longer in the labor force.
    • Illegal immigration is back filling many of the lower wage jobs that are no longer filled by US workers.
    • Refugee programs are also adding workers to the US labor pool providing additional competition for jobs.
    • In short, our high levels of immigration and “temporary” Visas are knocking our own workers out of the workplace, lowering wages due to an excess supply of cheap labor, and is allowing politicians to blame straw men for this phenomena.  (More down below)

Since 2008 we have seen the number of full-time jobs shrink significantly due to changes in the healthcare system and other employment mandates.  This was planned.  The influx of immigrants has had a dampening effect on wages making it more difficult for US workers to find employment that will yield incomes above the poverty line.  This was planned.  Due to increased EPA regulations and other domestic factors, many of the US manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas or to our NAFTA partners.  This was planned.  Due to increased regulations and the tightening of credit due to governmental actions, small business start-ups are way down and small business failures are increasing, again reducing the number of jobs available to US citizens This was planned.

Ideological Causal Factors for Increasing Immigration

I have heard people say that things could not be this upside down unless it is being accomplished intentionally.  Newsflash, It is Intentional.

US Versus European Union Progressive Socialism (PS):  Europe has been moving rapidly towards progressive socialism for years with the goal being the establishment of utopia under the EU Flag and totally centralized in Brussels.  The establishment of the European Union and the centralization of European political power into a single government, is a key component of the PS movement in Europe.  What does this mean?  PS sees the creation of the central government as the only way to create the perfect state where everyone is equal and all needs are met.  Karl Marx borrowed this phrase to describe PS; “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs“.  In other words, EVERYONE, whether they are contributing or not, have free access to all goods and services under PS.  Since this is a very complex model, only a few of the chosen intellectuals would be allowed to participate in governing process.  A concise way to describe the philosophy of PS is:

Progressivism is a broad philosophy based on the Idea of Progress (as defined by progressives), that advancement in science, technology, economic development, and social organization (that they will create) are vital to improve the human condition (as defined by them). “

In the US, the encroachment of PS has been slow but methodical beginning in the 1800’s.  It started as a social movement but quickly morphed into a full-fledged political movement.  Progressivism is often used interchangeably with Liberalism but for now we will just assert that they have many common ideals and leave that for another day.  Progressivism has not been confined to the Democrat liberal party.  Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican President who later joined the American Progressive party.  Oftentimes today, politicians cling to their Republican moniker but ascribe to the Progressive ideals.  Why, Progressivism is founded on the total centralization of power with the power held by a select few.  Ergo, Republican or Democrat Senators and House Members want to be at the core of the seat of power so join forces with the Progressives.  (This is why you are often disillusioned that a “conservative” candidate, when elected, votes contrary to your “conservative” values.)  The US has not been moving towards the PS model as rapidly as Europe UNTILL THE ELECTION OF BARAK OBAMA.  Obama is a died in the wool Progressive with a one world governing view led by intellectuals and like-minded individuals. Period!

Obama and the US progressives have fomented racial tensions, pitted some of the public against law enforcement, and blamed America for all of the woes around the world.  They have destroyed the fabric of our economy and have all but emasculated the middle class.  They are using climate change to over regulate and further damage western economies.  All of these are progressive tools aimed at eliminated the status quo.  All of these are worthwhile topics to elaborate on but that will be for later articles.

Progressivism with Immigration as a Tool

Goal:  Centralization of Political & Military Power

You may think to yourself by now that you should make yourself an aluminum foil hat as this is getting kind of far out.  It gets worse so if you need a break to find the aluminum foil, I’ll wait! 

Below is one scenario describing how the Progressives could use the immigration of Muslims to accomplish the centralization of power.  There are countless permutations of this scenario that could accomplish the same result.

The US and European nations all function under some form of democratic organization.  Elections are held, priorities change from election to election, and life goes on.  The electorate is not happy but busy just trying to live their lives.  At some point, Progressivism demands that a definitive act takes place that can catapult a nation or a group of nations like the EU, into a highly centrally controlled government protected by military force. 

Assume that in a year from now, the US has brought in an additional 2 million or so immigrants from the Middle East and Europe has added to it current high levels of immigration from Muslim countries.  For every million immigrants, there are 1,000 radicalized Islamic terrorists allowed in as our vetting process has not been improved.  Assume that Islamic terrorist attacks rise to a level on one or two per day in various cities across the US and Europe.  The American and European people will be railing against their respective governments to do something to eliminate this threat.

The US and EU then declare martial law in their countries and begin the process of establishing an “interim” governance mechanism.

This does not mean that the Congress will be eliminated or the European Parliaments dissolved.  But it does mean that the government will seize control and an oligarchy formed, perhaps out of a coalition of the Executive and legislative branches with appropriate insertions of intellectuals to insure that the establishment of the new order is established properly.  There will be enough of the old structure in place so the new leaders can say that nothing has really changed except that you are now safe.  This  all won’t be voted on but will be the result of the government “reacting” to a threat to the country that demands that Washington DC in the US or Brussels in Europe declare a state of emergency and martial law.  All military assets will be at the ready to enforce martial law.

Why would leaders or aspiring leaders and the wealthy participate in such an arrangement?

  1. They all feel that they would be included in the resulting society in a leadership capacity.
  2. They all feel that they would in a position to improve their own economic position by being in a leadership capacity.  Why not, Crony economics is alive and well today!
  4. They feel that the new military backed social order could forcefully assimilate the citizenry and the radical elements into the new utopian society.  Things would be so good that everyone would be happy.
  5. People like George Soros and other wealthy individuals have been funding the growth of Progressivism for decades through various well sounding organizations and think-tanks that they have funded.  They know they will be one of the ruling class.

Where does the UN fit In?

As the tentacles of the Progressive movement spread, ultimately an international body will be needed to include and consolidate the newly formed Progressive governments into a single worldwide organization.  The UN already has the structure in place and the use of its infrastructure for this new venture would not be that difficult to pull off.  It is kind of interesting that this past week that there have been  king about Obama wanting to become the new Secretary.  

Alternative Theory

If you think my theory is a bit too aluminum foil laced, then the only rationale for our leaders to increase Muslim immigration, without proper vetting, in spite of the threat of more terrorism, is that they are just the most ignorant and illogical people God has placed on this earth, ever!  Or, that they are all Muslim and want to convert everyone to Islam.  Or, they have a death wish. Or, Martians came down and are inhabiting the bodies and minds of all world leaders.

I do not believe that Europe is salvageable now without a major, very difficult, transition back to the reestablishment of the European population and culture.  The US is not quite there yet.  The 2016 election will be pivotal as to whether we reverse our current course or we continue and join our European allies in their demise.  

Final Note:  If you think this is far out there, go see or read the Hunger Games!

RD Pierini

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2 thoughts on “Muslim Immigration Rationale In Light of Terrorism Threat”

  1. Great post. Looking back at the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire shows that you are right in the overall picture. Only minor details are different. The “elites” won’t know what hit them, because they will still be at the top of the heap, even though the heap will be getting smaller and smaller. Only upon looking back will they see how far down the entire civilized world has fallen.

    1. Thank you for your comments.
      I was a bit nervous about the conclusions but researched the past 10 years of discussions in the EU regarding immigration. Also, when you look at the Soros sponsored progressive organizations and foundations it gets pretty clear what the end game is.

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