Update-Scariest Part of Obama’s New Gun Control Mandate-HIPAA Violation?


On Tuesday, January 5th, I posted an article discussing one of the potentially scariest parts of Obama’s gun control order which was the medical/mental health reporting requirements that are yet to be defined (Link:  http://wp.me/pY51c-MS). 

Today, Marsh Blackburn raised the issue as to whether the Executive Order will violate the HIPAA patient privacy laws that are on the books.  Obviously, if a doctor or a pharmacist or other health care provider discloses a patient’s condition through bureaucratic channels, this is a violation of the law and the patient’s privacy. 

The information would theoretically go to the Homeland Security, FBI, then to local law enforcement.  Blackburn correctly stated that this EO goes beyond just gun laws when she said, “When you look at his executive order on guns you have to say it’s more than just about the gun or this one executive order,”

This is why the founders came up with a deliberative process to look at as many sides of an issue as possible.  But, the president goes around this process with EOs and Congress has all but abdicated its credibility to deliberate with 2,000 page bills that no one reads let alone deliberates!!!

Stay tuned.  This is going to be crazy when the government gets in between your health care provider and you!





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