Egypt’s Muslim President Has the Strength to Reach out to Coptic Christians

Christian Renewal?

Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, attended the Orthodox Christmas Mass yesterday at a Coptic Christian Church in Cairo.  The purpose of his attending the service was to apologize again for the suffering Christians experienced in Egypt at the hands of Islamic Extremist and promised to return them to their homes.  The Islamic Extremist al-Sisi referred to were mainly the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama and Hillary Clinton helped to take over Egypt after the overthrow of President Mubarak.  The Muslim Brotherhood systematically sought to rid Egypt of the Christian Infidels.  Their goal is to do the same throughout the world, including in the US.  Coptic Christians have worshiped in Egypt since St. Mark evangelized Egypt shortly after Christ’s death when he founded the Coptic Church. 

Why is this Important?

This is a key event as it marks the recognition by a Muslim leader in a Muslim country of the right of Christians to exist!  Hopefully, this is the start of a protracted rebirth of Christianity in the Middle East.  And, a reversal for our President and his Secretary of State Clinton, and now Lurch, who have systematically allowed Christians to be persecuted and martyred and in some countries completely annihilated or displaced or both.  Finally, Egypt is the most populous Sunni Arab nation and their example, with a supportive US Government after 2016, could form a solid base from which to turnaround the Middle East quagmire. 

Where’s the Pope?

Even though the Coptic Church is not part of the Roman Catholic Church of Rome and has its own Pope, Pope Francis missed a perfect opportunity to reach out and either directly participate in this Christmas celebration in Egypt or to at least commend al-Sisi for reaching out to the Coptic Church.  This event was much more than form over substance and should be used to start a revival of the Christian communities throughout the Middle East and Africa. 

US Moral Responsibilities

We not only squandered an opportunity to safeguard the Christians in Iraq, a country that we spent years and trillions of dollars to take back and rebuild, we left the Christians at the hands of Muslims who systematically drove them out of the country or left them to be slaughtered by ISIS The US stood by and did absolutely nothing.  This includes G.W. Bush.  Unfortunately, we see the same happening all over the Middle East and Africa and the US stands idly by and does nothing. 

While at home, Obama constantly berates, cajoles and criticizes the white Christian majority at home for their reluctance to accept more Muslim immigrants and refugees.  The Christians in the US are tolerant of all religions and ethnic minorities.  Too bad our own government views US Christians as the enemy and the US enemies as allies.

RD Pierini

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2 thoughts on “Egypt’s Muslim President Has the Strength to Reach out to Coptic Christians”

  1. This is indeed and important development. The next steps for the moderate Muslim countries: Jordan and Morocco, maybe Turkey, would be to invite the Jews to come back as well. In 1948, when Israel was recognized as a nation, EVERY Arab Muslim country expelled EVERY Jew is their country.
    The young new King of Morocco invited the Jews back. I don’t know whether Morocco has also opened its borders to Christians. Turkey, formerly the core of the Muslim Ottoman Empire, has been fairly open to both Christians and Jews, but the climate has cooled quite a bit in recent times.

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