Republish-2-14-2018–“Assault Rifles” Versus Hunting/Target Rifle-Cosmetic Difference Only

Every Time there is a mass killing, I repost this article in the hope that one liberal will read it and understand firearms a little bit better.  This article is about the Orlando massacre but it could just as well have been about yesterday’s tragic shooting…


The Orlando Massacre Has Brought Gun Control To the Forefront

“Assault Weapons”-Fully Automatic Weapons, Cannot Be Purchased By Citizens

The Shooter used a  Sig Sauer MCX, NOT an AR-15



I get so tired of the President, Congress, the Left, and the MSM emphasizing that a weapon that was used was an “Assault Rifle” or a “Semi-Automatic” weapon.  It is time that the manipulated public understand what these definitions mean and what they do not mean.  All of these people use words to confuse and obfuscate their intentions to disarm the American public.


Fully Automatic Definition:  When the left uses the term semi-automatic, they want you to visualize a gangster movie where machine guns spray bullets everywhere, or a military movie where soldiers use FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons to attack their enemy by spraying an area with hundreds of rounds per minute..  FULLY AUTOMATIC means that with one squeeze of the trigger, the gun continues to fire until the trigger is released or it runs out of ammunition.  BURST AUTOMATIC is a setting on a military, fully automatic weapon where the weapon will fire a preset number of rounds per trigger pull.  This allows soldiers to fire short bursts of rounds into a an area they suspect an enemy to be without wasting ammunition that may result from the Fully Automatic Mode.  Once again, the American public cannot buy these weapons legally nor can they be sold legally in the US in any venue including online, gun shows, gun dealers, or other retailers.


Semi-Automatic Definition:  A semi-automatic weapon of any shape or size can only fire one bullet/round at a time when the trigger is pulled.  THIS IS THE ONLY TYPE OF WEAPON THAT THE PUBLIC CAN BUY LEGALLY IN THE US.  I include even single shot weapons in this definitions.  They only fire one bullet/round per trigger pull.  This also includes the “Assault STYLED Weapons” that are sold to the public legally.  These kind of scary looking weapons are the same mechanically and functionally as their target or hunting counterparts.

Below are three pictures.  The top one is called a “Rancher” style riffle that is used for target practice and the hunting of small game.  It has a synthetic stock and looks kind of militaristic.  The middle picture shows an AR 15 Military Style riffle that has the same semi-automatic mechanism as the Rancher rifle and fire the exact same size bullet/round.  The bottom picture is the same mechanically semi-automatic mechanism as the two above it.  It looks less threatening to the public as it is the wood stock design we are used to seeing in pictures of hunters and cowboys in movies.  It is every bit as potentially lethal as the other two.  All three are SEMI-AUTOMATIC and are mechanically/functionally the same but the Left always try to demonize the center picture as an ASSAULT RIFLE versus and ASSAULT STYLE RIFLE.  The clips/magazines that hold the bullets are interchangeable between them

223 Cal Weapons

223 Caliber Weapons:  The San Bernardino terrorists were using 223 CAL Assault Style Rifles like the middle picture above.  A 223 Cal round/bullet is seldom used as a hunting round as the projectile is very small and does not have the same stunning impact as larger caliber weapons.  Police generally use 38 Caliber to 45 Caliber weapons as they will “stop” a threatening advance whereas a 223s Cal round would probably be a “through and through” wound and not stop an advancing threat unless the round hit the heart or the brain.  This caliber is generally used for a target round or for hunting small game.  Due to the small projectile size and the fairly high bullet to powder ratio, the bullet is ejected from the rifle at a very high-speed making the trajectory of the bullet in a fairly straight line compared to lower velocity, larger caliber rounds.  It is important to understand that the speed and weight of the bullet determines how much gravity will pull the bullet downward from the instant it leaves the gun.

Hand Guns/Pistols:

Hand guns that are sold legally in the US must be SEMI-AUTOMATIC ONLY weapons.  FULLY AUTOMATIC HAND GUNS CANNOT BE LEGALLY SOLD IN THE US.  Weapons like Uzis or Mac-10s, which are a cross between a pistol and a rifle, are not legal in the US.  These are fully automatic weapons.

Form over Substance

So, the constant barrage of rhetoric regarding “Assault Weapons Ban” is form over substance.  The left is singling out a rifle that is only cosmetically different from other semi-automatic rifles.  Why to people who buy assault style weapons prefer this design?  They are generally lighter in weight than their wood stock counterparts but that is probably not the primary reason.  But, the motive of the purchaser is irrelevant.  If we outlawed everything that may be attributed to an “ego” purchase, then a whole host of products or procedures would be banned!

So, now you know the facts.  Do you still believe that a Rancher or Wood Stock 223 is any different or less potentially lethal than a AR-15 223?  So, when you outlaw the AR-15 styled semi-automatic. why not go for outlawing the Rancher or Wood Stock styled rifles.  The left will if they can.

RD Pierini




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