Occupy Wall Street-Black Lives Matter-Kenneth Stokes: Goal, Race War?


Is a Race War Inevitable?

What Role is Obama Playing?

If you have been following the Occupy Wall Street movement earlier this decade and the more recent Black Lives Matter Movement, you would have noticed a lot of similarities in their make-up and tone.  Breitbart’s Lee Stranahan’s article, “Black Lives Matter: We Saw It Coming, Now Here’s What’s Coming Next”, carefully threads these similarities, their origins, and their ultimate goal.  (A link to this article is included in the Hat Tips below.)  What is coming next is something we have been predicting since a little after Obama took office and his obvious bias towards violence against Blacks or Muslims.

Interspersed with the BLM protests in Chicago and elsewhere, there were Black inspired university protests that got real people fired for no apparent purpose other than to further the narrative that freedom of speech should be abolished.  They clamor for “safe zones” where they can be segregated, yes segregated, and only have to mingle with those who agree with them.  They do not want to hear or see any dissent as they deem it to be biased and racially motivated.  The only commonalities of all of these groups is that facts, the rule of law, and personal responsibility are irrelevant.

Enter Kenneth Stokes:  Then, yesterday, we were treated to a Jackson Mississippi city councilman, Kenneth Stokes, saying, “Let’s get rocks; let’s get bricks, and let’s get bottles,” he told local station WJTV. “And we’ll start throwing them, and then they won’t come in here anymore.”  He stated further, “When you have these police officers coming from other jurisdictions and they will not respect human life, then I said we should use rocks, bricks or bottles to try to get the message over: stop endangering our children,”.  When elected officials condone violence against society and those who protect society from anarchy, we have tipped to the dark side.

Anarchy Theme:  The theme of all of these movements and comments is that Anarchy is the answer to the plight of the Blacks (and Muslims are trying to be included via CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood) in America.  This is not a new mantra for those of us who were actually a part of the 1960’s as we saw organizations such as the Students for a Democratic Society, Black Panthers and others calling for the overthrow of the US Government.  Their leadership is made up of university graduates for the most part who are community activists by trade and subscribe to Black Liberation Theology.

Black Lives Matter Core:  BLM focus, based on statements from their website that are quoted here, is on the “experiences of Black people in this country who actively resist our de-humanization”.  They also believe that “Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise.”  Further, the movement is a “…call to action and a response to the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates our society.  Black Lives Matter is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes.”  It is rooted in the belief that the Anti-Black racism is rooted in the objectives of the State, the US Government, and State and Municipal governments, and that the extermination of the Blacks is the goal of the State.

Institutionalized Racism:  Some claim that by the very existence of slavery in America, even though it was inherited from our British overlords, American then must be anti-Black racist.  Or, because Americans equated Blacks with slaves, then slaves must be mentally or otherwise defective.  Or, even the Constitution did not value the life of a Black slave as much as a White person. 

If America was not innately racists due to slavery, then for racism to have become institutionalized in the United States, there would have to be a collusion of powerful people, who had total access to the reigns of government, to methodically ingrain anti-Black racism into the governing fabric of the government and society.  This would have to include all facets of government from Washington DC to the smallest city in the United States.  It would also require that the fourth estate, the press, be complicit in the plot to help to create the illusion that all is well.  The left is well on its way to completing the perception of this racism so they can take total control over all levels of government.

The fact is, there is no real, wide-spread, anti-Black racism in America.  There is a difference between how many of the Blacks, especially the youth, lack in opportunity and a pathway to the American Dream.  The fact is that this is by design and the design is by the progressive left in this country including this present administration.

Root Causes:   The progressive left needs a voting block to perpetuate itself. 

  • It preys on the disadvantaged, the poor and the minorities who are lacking in education. 
  • The left creates false promises that the left will “take care” of you. 
  • They cause you to abort and inordinate number of your children that is akin to genocide. 
  • In reality, the left offers you  bare subsistence and just enough to get you by and tell you that if you try to advance you will lose what they are giving you. 
  • Further, they rob your youth of a chance to break the bonds of ignorance and obtain an education that could open up a whole new world of success for them. 
  • Rather, they have corralled you into the drug infested ghettos of the big cities; forced your children to attend substandard public schools; and even if they do graduate high school, they are barely literate and totally unprepared for anything but a life of crime to survive. 
  • This life of crime is aided and abetted by the left in order to keep your youth down.  The result in many cases is arrest and incarceration.  Or, your youth is killed by policemen, who in the vast majority of times, is just trying to protect your neighborhoods.

The left uses the Pseudo-Black Leaders to tell you that the left is good and is trying to help you and everyone else is just a racist bigot and you should hate them.  They come out when a Black youth is killed by a police officer and blame the police officer, even if the officer is Black.  The President is never at a loss for words when a Black youth is killed by a police officer with whom he shares an oath of allegiance to the US Constitution. 

Is A Race War Inevitable?

At the rate we are going, given the increasing violence by the racists agitators including some of the followers of BLM, aided and abetted by the WH,  there is a good chance that there will be a major confrontation between the Blacks and City and/or state police.  There may also be a coordinated “terror” type of uprising that could occur across the country at the same time.  At some point, the police are either going to give up their own life or take someone else’s.  At some point, ordinary citizens, will protect themselves, their family and their home.  Many of those citizens will be Black who do not understand the direction that this country is headed any more than anyone else.

Obama’s Role:

Obama has two choices, to stop pandering and creating a façade of racism in this country and defuse the current unrest; or, continue to stir up hatred of Blacks on Whites and Muslims on Whites and risk a race war.  This is a war without a real reason but those have been fought before.  When a person becomes so ingrained in an ideology, reality no longer exists.  We are being governed by a new generation of community organizers who now believe their own rhetoric.  The unfortunate part of this whole scenario is that they have no solutions for helping out the Black Community, before or after the race war.

RD Pierini


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2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street-Black Lives Matter-Kenneth Stokes: Goal, Race War?”

  1. Good analysis, as usual, saver. It’s curious, isn’t it, that BLM stands for Black Lives Matter AS WELL AS Bureau of Land Management. Both seem dedicated to destroying personal property, civil rights and local economies.

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