Trump’s Assumption of the Post-Constitutional United States

The Bane of RINOs
           The Bane of RINOs


Please Read This Article:  John Hayward, writing for Breitbart, penned an excellent article, “Trump and the Post-Constitutional Presidency“.  Hayward is basically sparing against many of the remarks made by Rich Lowery, since Trump’s rise in the polls, where Lowery basically asserts that Trump will extend Obama’s deliberate assertion of dictatorial powers over the Constitutional powers attributed to the President.  Further, that Trump will continue to marginalize and ignore the Congress and Executive Order’s will replace the legislative process.  I strongly recommend that you read Hayward’s article.  (The link to Hayward’s article is included below under “Hat Tips”)  My article discusses some of the same topics plus possible actions by Donald Trump if he is elected President.


A Trump Presidency Vs. the U.S. Constitution?

The Creation of the Trump Phenomena: 

The Republican Establishment and its pundits (and candidates) have attacked Donald Trump 50 ways to Sunday since his rise in the polls.  The attack is by the cast of that popular TV show, “As the RINO Turns”.  It airs every time George Will, Rich Lowry, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Glenn Beck, David Brooks, Stephen Hayes, and other apologists for the death of conservatism in the Republican Party appear on TV or in print media.  They foretell the death of our Constitution, the creation of a dictatorial regime, the US losing all of its allies, the loss of individual freedoms, mass deportation of anyone Trump does not like, the death of the Republican Party, and the end to civility in US politics.  Earth to “As the RINO Turns”, these have already happened except that mass deportation has been replaced by Mass Importation of refugees, recipients of H1-A, H1-B and others.

  • Constitutional Demise: Where were you when Obama penned Executive Order after Executive Order that overrode existing laws that had been duly passed by Congress such as his illegal immigrant amnesty decree or he simply refused to execute existing laws such as DOMA and others?
  • Creation of a Dictatorship:  Where were you when Obama and the Democrats stopped creating annual budgets, a practice that was carried on by Boehner/Ryan;  Or, when Obama defied a Federal Court during the Gulf Oil Spill; Or, when Obama failed to report to Congress during the protracted annihilation of Libya; Or, when Obama’s IRS politically targeted conservative groups seeking a valid 501(c)(3) status?
  • Our Allies:  Where were you when Obama consistently ignores the Prime Minister of Israel; Or, shuns our European allies; Or, makes a deal with the Shia Iran and ticks off all of our Sunni partners in the Middle East?
  • Individual Freedom:  Where were you when Obama and the democrats created Obamacare and forced religious institutions to comply with portions of the law that were clearly and historically against their religious beliefs.
  • Immigration:  Where were you when Obama opened the US to Syrian refugees and others from known terrorist countries without creating adequate safeguards for our citizen’s health and allowing terrorists to infiltrate our land; for forcing cities to take in large numbers of people who were not willing to assimilate; for not protecting our borders physically nor with proper background scrutiny.
  • Death of the Party:  Where were you when the Republican Party controlled all three branches of the government and still doubled the national debt; Or, during the 1990’s up to 2007 when both parties allowed the housing bubble to fester and ultimately blow up in our faces creating huge losses to individuals and families; Or, where were you when GW Bush kicked the GM and Chrysler bailouts down the road rather than forcing these companies to work through existing bankruptcy laws;  Where were you when we bailed out the banks and the mortgage industry but left the average middle class family in the streets after losing their homes and life savings;  where were you when Dodd-Frank passed then after when the Republican Party had opportunities to strip the teeth out of that bill; or, where were you when the Republican Party and its majorities could have used the power of the purse or impeachment as tools to stop Obama and the Democrats?
  • Civility in Politics:  Where were you when Obama blames the conservatives of being racists, Islamophobes, and that it is our fault for everything that is wrong with America; Or when the Democrats attack the Tea Parties and other conservative groups; Or when the Republican Party members of Congress pass the $1.2T 2016 Omnibus Bill that left the Democrats STUNNED that the Republican Party gave us everything we wanted and more in the bill to the detriment and over the objections of your base!  WE DO NOT NEED CIVILITY, WE NEED SOMEONE TO FIGHT FOR REAL CONSERVATIVES WHO GO TO WORK EVERYDAY, PAY TAXES, OBEY THE LAWS, AND SUPPORT ALL OF THE OVERBEARING PROGRAMS YOU PARTICIPATE IN CREATING! 

Enter Donald Trump.  You have ignored the Republican Base too long and patronized us too long to take it any longer. 

Along comes a Donald Trump, and a Ted Cruz, and we feel a refreshing breeze of sympathy for our plight and frustrations.

Will Donald Trump Stop This Generational Slide

Into Post-Constitutionalism?

Donald Trump first and foremost is a successful businessman.  For those who have been stuck on the sidelines of life in the US serving as a government bureaucrat, or as a member of the Fourth Estate, his level of success requires the ability to see multiple outcomes with each decision; attention to details during the decision-making process; the ability to delegate but follow-up post decision; the ability to cut through the fog of the personal interests of staff, advisors, and advocates of special interests; the ability to quickly assess the decision costs and consequences; the ability to rally those who may not understand or be for a decision/policy that you have chosen; and to know the legal and other constraints on you regarding the decision.  Then, most of all, to be able to live with the consequences of a decision; or to know when to change course; or when to abandon the decision/policy.    Given Mr. Trump’s level of success, he either possesses these traits and more or he is the luckiest man to ever live.

Would Trump plow through the Constitution and ignore the legislative process as President?  I really do not think so.  Why, regardless of what you think about his personality and tactics, I believe that his life reflects his love and belief in what this country stands for.  Why wouldn’t he, everything he has he has is because of the foundational principles of this country and its values.  Could he have amassed this level of success in China, or even Europe?  Probably not.

Trump and Congress: 

McConnell and Ryan would both be in for a rude awakening and probably a wild ride with Trump.  He will set a firm agenda and work with them or through them to get it accomplished.  If they will not cooperate in the board room, he will take to the media and address the public directly.  Based on his success in waging a campaign for the Republican nominee almost exclusively via Twitter, Facebook and other internet vehicle, McConnell and Ryan will have to cave and enact the legislation required to put the agenda into law.  Just think of the pressure he can mount with the power of the Presidential Pulpit!  (Sorry RINOs, I know this gave you a stomach cramp)

McConnell and Ryan will have an opportunity to decide whether the special interests inside of the Republican Party will win or will Trump.  They will have to decide to listen to the conservative base of this nation, the independents who lean center-right and the Reagan Democrats who have been silenced since the 1980’s.  If they do not, I doubt that either will survive their next re-election bid.

Trump will also insist on a realistic budget process.  He may or may not push for a zero based budget but it would not surprise me as this is standard operating procedure in business.  He will force McConnell and Ryan to justify every dime they want in taxes and every dime they want to spend.  Why?  This is what you do in business.  Ryan is a bright guy, my hope is that he uses his analytical talents to help create a more responsive and cost-effective government.

Trump and the Bureaucracy:

If you are a business person, the only thing worse than a wart on the end of your nose are having to deal with Bureaucrats!  (Depending on who is VP choice is, this could be interesting as he could use his VP to cleanup the bureaucratic mess in Washington DC that is choking this economy and killing are middle class and small businesses.)  He will probably start with the VA, then Homeland Security, the State Department and Defense, then the EPA, Energy and Education. This is based on his campaign so far as these are departments that strike a chord with his campaign speeches and Tweets.

It would not surprise me if he does not start to privatize much of the VA to streamline care for the veterans.  He may leave a coordinating agency to oversea the effectiveness of delivering care to the vets.

Given the threats from Terrorism, he will prioritize changes to Homeland Security and the State Department regarding immigration and visa programs.  He will assign a liaison with Congress to make sure that any needed legislation is not bottlenecked in Congress.  He will upgrade much of the law enforcement technical infrastructure to make security checking and immigrant tracking more seamless between Federal, State and Local agencies.  He will have been coordinating these changes with Defense and working with the Pentagon to create a more appropriate global strategy based on US self-interest.  He will also use his Congressional Liaison to make sure any budget needs are coordinated with Congress so they can be included in the budget and proper appropriations are authorized.

If Trump has a VP that can help in dealing with these agency changes, he may be able to start to cut back the EPA, Energy and Education departments right away.  Trump would set the goals he has for these agencies as the starting point. The VP could coordinate the preliminary analysis of these agencies and a plan of action could be created fairly quickly.  Trump would set the goals he has for these agencies as the starting point.  The EPA will be a priority for him as it is choking off business growth and jobs in the US.  It would not surprise me if he did not eliminate or severely cut back Energy and Education.  The former could be scaled back to a think tank and much of Education reduced with more of the policy being decentralized BACK to the local school districts.

To reiterate, in spite of Trump’s outward persona, his business successes do not support the idea that he is an unthinking, emotional, irrational loose cannon.  Quite the contrary.  Also, he will not be Constitution Revisionist for one reason and one reason only.  He wants to make sure he has a foundational process in place to insure that his changes survive long after his Presidency and form his legacy.  He has implemented this concept in his businesses and it is a normal governance practice in business  This may sound self-serving but it could restart the Constitution and place it back onto its foundational pedestal.  The weak link to me at this point is whether Ryan and McConnell will get on board and overcome the Republican establishment and work to turn this country around.  They will have to resist the pressures from all of the special interests that have become a way of life in DC.


RD Pierini

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Assumption of the Post-Constitutional United States”

  1. Super post, SRN! My only concern is the part where you said, “If they will not cooperate in the board room, he will take to the media and address the public directly.” Actually, Calif. Gov. A. Schwarzenegger tried that, twice I believe, by going directly to the people for a vote, both of which failed.

    That did it for the Governator. He was totally overpowered by both houses of the Calif Legislature. I just hope and suspect that Mr. Trump, who is smarter than the Gov, who had no business experience that I’m aware of, will figure out a way to make the “board room” cooperate.

    1. Schwarzenegger tried to use California’s Initiative process to circumvent the State Legislature to enact what he could not otherwise pass. He was also not a very effective motivator.

      The US Constitution does not have that same initiative mechanism, thankfully. I am referring to Trump talking directly to the people much like Reagan did and convince them to pressure
      Congress to act. Hopefully we can maintain control over both houses which should make this somewhat easier. Trump has more communications tools with the Internet than Reagan did and he is very effective in using these tools. He is strong enough to take on the MSM and the interests that are controlling the agenda today in both parties.

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