US Foreign Aid-Symptom Of “Ryanism” Waste and Fraud

Ryan Aid

Speaker Paul Ryan has not only been growing a beard, he has also made incredible progress in committing future US generations to poverty.  His latest “Omnibus Bill” racked up another 1.2+ Trillion dollars in spending with a fair percentage that will be paid for with more debt.  Thank you Mr. Conservative!

Without looking at the Omnibus Bill right now, another article will be published on 12/26 called “Ryan’s Progressive Legacy”, I thought perhaps the US Foreign Aid allocations might be a look inside of the rabbit hole.   US Foreign Aid is a paltry $40,000,000,000 ($40 Billion) roughly a year.  While this is a small percentage of the total US budget, it is a real indicator that NO ONE is monitoring the spending nor applying any expectations to the benefits of our spending.  Here are a couple of examples of planned line items in the 2016 Foreign Aid budget (use the term budget loosely as neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem to remember how to pass one into law).  I will stipulate that Israel benefits the most from US Foreign Aid by receiving $3.1 Billion primarily for defense.  This is a country of 8 million people being targeted by the entire Middle East and sometimes the US.

Middle East Foreign Aid

  • Afghanistan:  $1.6 Billion:  31% is earmarked for “good governance”!  Remember, this is foreign aid and does not include military operations spending.  What is our objective for this spending?  Given our lack of commitment to having a real force in Afghanistan, is this spending just a way to rebuild the infrastructure for the Taliban/ISIS to use for terrorist activities?
  • Pakistan:  $882 Million:  35% is earmarked for “stabilization and security reform”.  Their security agency is strongly anti-US!  Pakistan consistently pokes its finger in our eye when we need their help post Musharraf.  We cannot even get Dr. Afridi out of a Pakistan prison and he was instrumental in us finding and killing bin Laden!  How about withhold $1M per hour until he is released!  I realize they are a nuclear power and we are afraid they will turn against us but I am not sure how that would be much different!  Now, we have insured that Iran will go nuclear so I guess Iran is looking forward to raping the US even more each year.
  • Egypt:  $1.5 Billion:  Egypt is our largest Arab recipient of foreign aid.  Egypt is willing and able to assist the US but no longer trusts Obama after he let Mubarak be thrown out by the Muslim Brotherhood!!!  (Don’t get me started)  With the right US president, Egypt will be the strongest Sunni force we will have against ISIS.  Only mentioned Egypt as we need to get them engaged against ISIS but our own policies are working against us so our $1.5B spend is not being optimized and it is our own fault…
  • Palestinians:  $441 Million:  Call me crazy but we give $441M to the Palestinians to fight against Israel who we give $3.1B to?  That is like supporting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Ku Klux Klan at the same time!
  • Syria:  $155 Million;  Yep, Syria!  26% is earmarked for Good Governance!  By President Bashar Assad who has slaughtered over 200,000 of his own people!  This is sheer lunacy since we have a regime overthrow objective in Syria. 

  • Libya:  $6.2 Million:  I have no idea who they are making this check out to!  The guys that stormed our Benghazi Consulate?  We have utterly destroyed and semblance of a country in Libya and have money allocated to them.
  • Saudi Arabia:  $10,000:  I am mentioning this as I have no idea why some one would have even asked for $10,000 for Saudi Arabia?  Maybe to pay for driving lessons for the women of Saudi Arabia?  Maybe it is to build a Baptist Church in Saudi Arabia.  Oops, those are forbidden in Saudi Arabia.

Europe Foreign Aid

  • European Union:  12 of the 26 European nations receiving US foreign aid are in the European Union.  Why are we supporting nations within the European Union?  Isn’t that the EU’s job?
  • Ukraine:  $94 Million:  22% is earmarked for “combatting weapons of mass destruction”.  The real question is why isn’t the Ukraine a part of NATO?  Oh yea, we don’t want to make Putin mad!  The $94M is an appeasement payoff since we will send in “meals on wheels” (not a derogatory reverence to this fine organization) but no real weapons to help them fight off the Russians.
  • Greece:  $100,000:  Other then the original founders of the founding organization, the European Economic Community, Greece is one of the oldest members of the EU.  Why are we sending Greece anything?

North American Foreign Aid

  • Mexico:  $136 Million:  26% is earmarked for Counter Narcotics!  REALLY!  How is that working out for us…   I won’t even bother to go into the whole illegal immigration problem that is supported by the Mexican Government.  There is no reason to spend one red cent on aid for Mexico especially they are working counter to the US best interest.  Of course, the illegal immigration issue is supported by the US Chamber of Commerce, RYNOs (not misspelled, I have renamed after Paul Ryan), and the Democrats.
  • Cuba:  $20 Million:  Bet you did not realize we were given Cuba anything.  I think this is just for them sending Cuban cigars to the White House and Congress.

Central and South America Foreign Aid

  • Colombia:  $280 Million:  35% is earmarked for counter narcotics like Mexico.  Given the lack of reporting the Colombian drug issue I have no idea if this is well spent or not.  I would suspect the latter.
  • Peru:  $94 Million:  78% is earmarked for counter narcotics.  I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but it seems to me that giving all this money away to foreign countries could be better spent by stopping the drugs from entering our country from our side where we have the technology and the motivation, assuming we had control over our own borders.
  • Venezuela:  $5 Million:  Seems to me that Chavez nor the current President Maduro exactly like us, at all.  Why we would we send anything to Venezuela.  Of course, Maduro has promised that the money to go to the needy.  Could it be that “Venezuelan billionaire and media tycoon, Gustavo Cisneros, donated up to US$ 1 million dollars to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation between 2009-2013, while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State for the Obama administration.”

Asia Foreign Aid

  • China:  $6.8 Million:  40% earmarked for Gen. Education and Social Services!  Really!  The Chinese holds about $1/2 Trillion of the US Debt.  Why on earth would we be giving foreign aid to China?
  • Singapore:  $240,000:  100% earmarked for combatting weapons of mass destruction.  How much of a fight can you put up with $240,000!  This is not a poor republic.  Got to be some one’s cousin!

Africa Foreign Aid:

  • 49 out of 58 African Nations Receive Foreign Aid: 
  • 22 Out of the 49 Receiving Aid is Primarily for HIV/AIDS:
  • Sudan (South and North):  275 Million:
  • Somalia:  $200 Million:  al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda operate out of Somalia.  The government is tentative.  Somalia is like a number of other African countries in this respect.  I would be nice to come up with a strategy to deal with vacuums that exist in these countries that inspire terrorism.  %60 of the $200M is allocated for stabilization.  Not sure what this even means…
  • Libya:  $6.2 Million:  I have no idea who they are making this check out to!  The guys that stormed our Benghazi Consulate?  We have utterly destroyed and semblance of a country in Libya and have money allocated to them.   (Also above in Middle East)

The regions covered and the notes on specific nations should not be considered exhaustive but merely a sampling to allow you to see some of the nuttiness that surrounds this program.  Once again, each dollar spent should be evaluated against the question of how this money adds to the US self-interest. 

When the old Soviet Union was alive and well, we used to say that our Foreign Aid was to keep countries from siding with Russia when most were getting money from both.  Egypt was a country solidly on the side of Russia then they became US allies.  (Soviets screwed them on the Aswan Dam and crippled their economy among other things)  Then when we failed to back our long time backer in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, and allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to take over for a while back in 2011-13, we lost Egypt’s support.  Now, post-Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt is an ally but a wary one.  Point, Money does not buy a strong relationship.  Trust and mutual self-interest is the strongest bond…

If we make this many bad decisions on just $40 Billion of our $3.5 Trillion “budget”, how much more are we wasting in the rest of the budget?  And, how effective is our spend in moving our country forward.  Scary questions.

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