US Taxpayers Subsidizing Islamic Terrorism in the US–CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood/Humas=ISIS


Many people have had questions regarding why an organization appeared on Television after the Islamic Terrorist attacks in San Bernardino defending the family of the terrorists, spinning the “innocence of the terrorists”,  and now seeking to ensure that the surviving 6 month old baby of the terrorist is ONLY placed in Muslim home.  Simple.  The organization is CAIR, Council on American–Islamic Relations.  CAIR has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) which is tied to the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) which is tied to the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), all of which raise money for and support Hamas.  These organization have common founders and persons in leadership roles.  When one or more of these types of organizations are exposed or prosecuted, they morph into another organization with the same management.

CAIR and ISAP and HLF are U.S. Tax Exempt, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations. 

For tax purposes, they are treated like your Church!

How is all of this tied to ISIS?  Very simply, the Islam ideology that is supported by CAIR, MB, ISAP, HLF and ISIS is basically the same.  They all endorse a very conservative version of Islam with its legal system based on Sharia Law.  They all seek world-wide domination by Islam.  The MB and CAIR have morphed into experts on the local nations they are operating in such as the US.  They use our laws and our beliefs as leverage against us in their own defense.

For example, CAIR uses our fear of being called Islamophobes, abetted by the White House, and go on TV warning of any backlash against Muslims as a result of the San Bernardino attack.  They feign outrage at the atrocities then within days begin to control the narrative.   They defend the families of the attackers and are now seeking to control the custody of the child of the attackers by making sure the child is placed with a Sunni Muslim family which is in accordance with Sharia Law!

The day after the attack on San Bernardino, CAIR’s, Hussam Ayloush, the Los Angeles Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, came out and blamed us as did out President:

HUSSAM AYLOUSH: “Well, because we’re living in a very difficult time. There’s a lot of Islamophobia there. There’s a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment, fueled by pundits here and there. Trying to blame a whole community for the acts of a few.”

He went on to say:

“Let’s not forget that some of our own foreign policy, as Americans, as the west, have fueled that extremism.

“Then they become extremists. Then they become terrorists,” said Ayloush. “We are partly responsible. Terrorism is a global problem, not a Muslim problem. And the solution has to be global. Everyone has a role in it.”

Then, in the same interview, Ayloush drew an analogy between the San Bernardino attach with the attach in Colorado Springs:

“You know, again we are just still mourning as a nation after what happened in Colorado Springs, by someone who is also responsible for his act, not the Christian community, not the American community.”

Really!  Every Christian and Pro-Life advocacy groups immediately condemned the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood attack as soon as the facts were released.

You need to ask yourself, then you elected Congressperson and Senators, why the IRS can allow these radical organizations who support terror world-wide to have a tax exempt status but the same IRS stonewalled US Citizens, trying to set up Tea Party organizations? 

Why, is our President and his administration so quick to point out the bias of US citizens rather than condemn acts of terrorists by Islamic Extremist?

Finally, ask yourself if we can survive the next thirteen months of this administration and the “weak” Congress who do not fight against this warped agenda?



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