Obama’s New Year’s Gifts for You


The President is almost down to his last year,

what will be his New Year’s Resolution for you?

Update-Forgot Guantanamo


One can hope for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

With a little over a year left in President Obama’s presidency, he is making a list, and checking it twice, of gifts and goodies to do to give to America, and indeed, the world.  Remember, he said that he would transform American and he still has a lot of ink left in his Presidential Executive Order pen.  Here are a few of those gifts on his short list!

  1. Gun Control for Americans:  At a minimum, Obama will try to enforce the California Gun Control laws on the rest of the nation in spite of the fact they did not stop the San Bernardino attack.  Most likely, he will go further and actually ban “assault weapons” even though they are the same technically as their more traditional styled hunting or target shooting counterparts.  He will probably also ban clips over 10 rounds but will not touch a mental health provision for gun ownership.
  2. Federalization of Law Enforcement:  At a minimum, he will have the Department of Justice (DOJ) issue mandatory training for racial and gender sensitivity and remove all military equipment from non federal police and sheriff departments.  He may push the pen further and issue mandatory guidelines for responding to protests, dealing with minority groups, and set up hard procedures for non-lethal actions when reacting to unarmed and armed perpetrators.  Regardless, he will further imperil our police and their ability to protect the public.
  3. Recognition of Sharia Law as a complimentary legal structure to our legal system:  At a minimum, he will include some components of Sharia in DOJ guidelines and attempt to “tweak” the federal penal code.  He will push the envelope to the edge in terms of forcing Congress to act to stop him rather than recognize their Constitutional authority.  If local authorities enact Sharia, don’t expect the DOJ to weigh in unless it is in support of the local implementation of Sharia.
  4. Further enhance Iran’s influence in the Middle East as the counter to Sunni Islam:  At a minimum, Iran will get the $150B to spend on terrorism and the development of their nuclear military arms and complete the development of their ICBM capabilities.  He will also turn his back cheek on any violations of HIS deal with Iran and Lurch John Kerry will be his mouthpiece for support.  He may even back Iran’s effort to take over Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and create a three nation Shia bloc.  This will totally tick off the remaining Sunni allies we have had in the region for us to have supported Iran in taking control over this massive piece of the Middle East plus have nuclear and missile capabilities to stalemate any aggression against them.  Putin will go along as well as all he is interested in is keeping Iran and Syria as allies plus he gains Iraq and will have influence over Afghanistan which he could not gain militarily.
  5. Create a system to allow 200,000+ Syrian refugees into the US:  At a minimum, Obama will allow 100,000 Syrian refugees into the US in 2016 plus open the gates for other Muslim immigration.  It is more likely he will allow 200,000 Syrian refugees in during his final year.  He will do this WITHOUT reforming the screening process nor any immigration laws.
  6. Complete conversion of all illegal aliens living in the US to citizens of the US:  At a minimum, he will continue with his immigration amnesty, regardless of what SCOTUS decides on the matter.  He will ask liberal states such as California (Moonbeam will go along) to issue drivers licenses and do whatever they can to solidify the immigrants entrenchment into society and be hidden from subsequence enforcement.  The immigration from Central America will quadruple and we will be swamped with children and others without any hygiene or infectious disease control.
  7. Total Destruction of our Energy Industry-Climate Change:  At a minimum, he will sick the EPA on the energy industry and place fees on gasoline and natural gas for internal consumption and set fees on oil exports so we are not competitive against either Russia or OPEC.  He will continue to choke our coal industry out of existence and will not upgrade any of our pipeline delivery systems.  He may add mandatory adoption of Solar and Wind by states via EPA mandates and by withholding funding from gas taxes and any other stick they can find.
  8. Elimination of School Choice:  At a minimum, he will have the Department of Education (DOE) set up harsh guidelines for private, charter and home schooling education.  He will force the use of union labor (SEIU) in these schools, even for home schoolers.  He will also set up fees via the DOE to make the costs of these educational alternatives even harsher on parents of choice.  More control over local public schools will be enacted as well.
  9. Obamacare/Medicare/VA:  Obamacare will be morphed into a single payer system.  At a minimum, he will proceed with the implementation of Obamacare on businesses to put even more pressures on healthcare providers, exchanges and insurance companies.  This will force the system to collapse and he will eliminate all of the state exchanges and centralize the administration and payment systems.  If he has time, he would push to consolidate Medicare and Medicaid and perhaps even the VA system.  He may have to tweak Congress’s noses but they have a vested interest in keeping healthcare centralized.  We will see…  He will also move to force religious institutions to accept birth control and abortions or get out of the healthcare business.  This would eliminate 25% of the hospitals or more in the US.
  10. Expanding the Racial, Social and Ethnic Divide:  He has single-handedly taken race relations in the US back to the 1800’s and has been successful in creating a deep level of distrust and animosity between the US citizens and those coming in from Mexico and from Muslim countries.  Pushed to extreme, this could result in an urban war that would severely damage the US economically and otherwise.  Further, his agenda for LBGT acceptance will be to force religious intuitions who object to gay-marriage to marry same-sex couples, or groups of more than 2 people, who wish to be married.  He will use the 501(c)3 exemption and other tax benefits to force this issue.  This will pit religious institutions, specifically the Catholic Church and Conservative Protestant Churches, against the LBGT community and the left in general.  It will be interesting to see if Mosques are exempted.
  11. Supreme Court Appointment:  13 months is a long time when two of the conservative judges on the Supreme Court are in the late 70’s.  Scalia is 78, Kennedy is 78 (a bit of a stretch to include him but he is a wild-eyed conservative when compared to Ginsberg/Kagan/Sotomayor).  It is possible that either of their seats could be replaced by Obama due to their incapacitation or death.  I am sure Ted Cruz nor Mark Levin are not on Obama’s short list for a Supreme Court vacancy.  This would out the court in a left majority with a fairly young set of liberal judges except for Ginsberg and she will probably outlive us all…
  12. Guantanamo-Late Entry:  Sorry, Obama will drain the Guantanamo swamp of terrorist sending them all back home to live out their lives in peace and harmony, or not.  Then, he will call Speaker Ryan and What’s-his-name in the Senate, I know McConnell, and inform them that the former prison is now a retreat for overworked Congress persons and that they can call Valarie Jarrod, speak in English, Farsi or French, she is fluent in all three,  to book the next available room or merely vote to close the institution and quit claim the deed back to the every-loving and appreciative Castro Brothers.  Boom! Guantanamo closed…


My greatest fear is that there are other things he may do that are even worse.

Don’t say that most of these are Unconstitutional.  It no longer matters!

We live in a Post-Constitutional Era since the Republicans took Impeachment and the

Use of the Purse Strings off of the table.

These are the only two Constitutional methods we had to control the Executive Branch.



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