Earth to GOP Establishment–Chill out! Your Days are Numbered Anyway!

Republican Establishment
                  Republican Establishment

Trust the Voters!

Every day there is a new headline featuring the latest “Wig Out” by the Republican Establishment.  Today, after intense hand wringing since Trump entered the primary, the establishment is worried that there will be a showdown between Trump and Cruz.  So what?  Here are a few of the headlines that have preoccupied the establishment over the past few months.

  • Trump will alienate the Hispanic Vote. (What vote, you only get about 30% anyway)
  • Trump will alienate the Blacks.  (Huh!)
  • Trump will alienate the Muslims.  (70%+ vote Democrat)
  • Trump will alienate aliens.  (just checking to see if you are awake)
  • Trump has reversed his positions on too many issues.  (Like Romney didn’t and for that matter Obama on Gay Marriage)
  • Cruz is “Too Christian”.  (Wow, that would be a shame)
  • Trump will run as an Independent.  (Keep it up, he just might)
  • Trump can’t beat Hillary.  (You can’t beat Trump with your favs!  JEB!)
  • Cruz can’t beat Hillary.  (Cruz is beating all of your establishment candidates)
  • Cruz is too Pro-Life.  (Like, marginally pro-life is better?)
  • Cruz can’t get along with Mitch McConnell and the Republican Establishment in the Senate.  (GOOD!)
  • Trump can’t get along with anyone!  (Even Better)
  • Bill Cosby is suing 7 women for making false accusations.  Not suing the other 56.  (just checking to see if you are awake)
  • Trump’s Doctor said Trump will be the healthiest President ever!  (That out to scare the RINOs.  They think he is loony and now he will be loony with a lot of verve!)

Earth to Republican Establishment,  We, the People, are at least having a little fun with OUR candidates until you, the MSM and the Democrats figure out some way to eliminate our candidates.  You are so sage in picking the real winners like Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, the Bushes (yes, the Bushes, look at the wonderful SCOTUS picks they made).  Then your wonderful insider consultants get the losers to run a “Democrat-Lite” campaign so everyone will like us and vote for out candidate!  Wrong…

Your days are truly numbered.  If Obama and his IRS had not taken out

the Tea Party in 2012,

you would be running a 3 party race right now, if you would have survived. 

We are tired of:

  • You Voting for Visas for big businesses so they can hire both highly skilled and low skilled workers to pad their pockets.
  • You going along with an illegal administration and never passing a budget, running up our debt to $18.5T, and allowing the creation  of a Gestapo EPA who is single-handedly eliminating small businesses and forcing our jobs overseas.
  • You taking Impeachment off of the table because you don’t have the stomach for a fight!  So much for the checks and balances in the Constitution.
  • Your constant “breaking wind” over Obamacare by having phony votes on phony bills rather than de-fund HHS and the IRS to cripple this massive takeover by Government.  (You like Obamacare as you think you will be in control someday and all of these marbles (controls) will be yours to play with)
  • You not taking a strong stand and fight for our VETS by Eliminating the VA and establish private care reimbursement for our Vets with extraordinary care for specialized injuries for PTSD etc.
  • You not giving the FBI and the CIA the resources they need to fight Terrorism.  The IRS has more agents than the CIA and FBI combined!  How sick are you!
  • You not closing our borders and stopping immigration until WE can figure out how to control our borders and not usher in terrorists then put them on Food Stamps!
  • My fingers are tired!

Some day, in a land, far away, there will be a political party who care more for

the people they serve rather than themselves and their “buds”. 

Probably not!


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