Robert Lewis Dear-Planned Parenthood Shooter

Robert Dear

(Reprint from Christianity-In-Vogue)

Pro Life advocates of all faiths categorically condemn this and any attack against anyone or any organization including abortion providers.

“…Kill the babies, that’s what Planned Parenthood does.”

Robert Dear’s appearance today in a Colorado court was colored with this outburst by the defendant.  Dear’s other outburst included that he acknowledged that he was guilty and he was “warrior for the babies”.  His attorney addressed the court by saying “I think the problem is obvious.”

The court appearance was not intended as a plea hearing but to discuss motions and the continued sealing of evidence taken from the home of the shooter.

Motivation and Capacity

The court has sealed all of the evidence seized at the home of Robert Dear so one would have to assume for now that Dear became agitated at the abortion provider due to his disdain for abortions.  Eventually we will find out whether Mr. Dear is mentally capable of standing trial.  His attorney point to Dear’s court outbursts today as evidence that Dear is not competent to stand trial.  If he is incapable of being tried, this will be yet another case of a mentally ill person not receiving the care he needed and the lack of protection of the public against his actions. 

Pro Life Position

Dear’s attack on Planned Parenthood in no way reflect the feelings of those in the pro-life community.  Do we oppose abortion?  Absolutely.  But, to take the lives of others in support of a pro-life position is senseless and contradictory on its face.  Many pro-life supporters define pro-life as the sanctity of life from conception to grave and include those executed by lawful death penalty procedures.

The Exploitation of a Tragedy By the Left

The left has attempted to silence the pro-life movement as being responsible for this shooting due to their opposition to abortion clinics such as PP.  Specifically for the airing of videos of executives and managers of PP clinics discussing the sale of harvested baby parts as part of the abortion practice.  Even the head of PP has made a statement that PP would no longer PROFIT from the sale of baby parts.  She did not say they would stop harvesting the baby parts nor REFINE their procedures in order to preserve as many body parts as possible.

Those of us who believe in the sanctity of life will continue to lawfully oppose and lobby against abortion.  There have been 58, 500,000 abortions since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973.  Of those, 7,000,000 or 12% were performed by Planned Parenthood.  By the end of today, another 2,300 babies would have been killed by abortion.

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2 thoughts on “Robert Lewis Dear-Planned Parenthood Shooter”

  1. Why is evidence being sealed? I thought that was only when the case was part of a larger investigation or personal matters in a non-criminal case (divorce), or where national security interests were involved.

    1. Not sure from what I have read so far. I believe the evidence is primarily what they have found in his trailer. If he is going to plead guilty, what difference would it make? If he is going to go for an insanity plea, I would think they would have to use that evidence to back up that plea. I would think someone would file a suit to unseal the evidence at some point just to inform the public. Who knows anymore. Rahm Emanuel hid a video for 13 months without a court order!

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