Paul Ryan Should Stay Out of the Republican Primary Discussion!

Paul Ryan poked his nose into the Republican Presidential primary today condemning Donald Trump and his stand on immigration by followers of Islam.  Ryan, emerging from an RNC meeting, said of Trump’s moratorium on Muslim immigration, “This is not conservatism. What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. And more importantly, it’s not what this country stands for.”  First of all Mr. Speaker, whoever wins the White House in 2016, and it may well be Trump, you will have to work with him or her for the good of this country.  Weighing in now is premature regardless of your position on Trump’s comments.  Further, you are badmouthing one of contenders in your own party’s primary!  Maybe you want to exercise a little restraint and perhaps focus on the real dangerous positions of Clinton or Sanders.

Think Ahead!  You and the RNC will need the help of the Trump supporters to maintain the lead in the Senate and House.  Alienating a very large portion of the Republican base is not in your best interest.  Also, keep it up and you will force Trump to run as an independent.  Running for Speaker of the House could be interesting with three political parties vying for the Speaker of the House position!  I said in an earlier article that Trump, in a 3 way race against Clinton and Bush, could probably get 180 electoral votes and win the presidency.  Not sure any other combinations of Democrats or Republicans could do that.

The RNC and the Republican establishment best start respecting the Trump following.  You can’t win in 2016 without them.
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2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Should Stay Out of the Republican Primary Discussion!”

  1. Trump is three steps ahead of all these guys. They are REacting, while he is ACTING. Every time he says something “shocking,” he turns out to be right. For example, Muslims in NJ celebrating on 9/11 and now Ban Muslim Immigration for the time being is legal and Constitutional. It’s funny really.

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