RINOs Panic-Karl Rove Facilitates Carson Meetings with Wynn

Don't Forgot What RINOs and MSM did to Cain
Don’t Forgot What RINOs and MSM did to Cain

Another move by über GOP insider Karl Rove to “de-throne” Trump in his bid for the GOP nomination included an introduction of Ben Carson’s fund-raisers and Steve Wynn, a casino mogul.  Apparently Rove did not attend the meeting.  The GOP establishment may be presiding over their own demise by tempting Trump to bolt and run as an Independent.  IF this happens, I hope the GOP has a very large mirror to stand in front of when they are looking for why they lose n 2016.

The interesting twist to Rove seemingly trying to help Carson.  There is no doubt that Rove wants either Bush, Christie or Rubio, in that order, to win the Republican Primary and hold the line for the Republican Establishment.  Even Carson’s camp is dubious as to why Rove would try to help the Carson campaign other than to try to weaken Trump as neither Bush, Christie or Rubio seemingly have the ability to do so.  That would leave Carson on top and the Republican Establishment believe, that with the help of the MSM, Carson could be taken down.  Trump does not have the same vulnerabilities with the MSM.  Every time the MSM attack Trump he gains!

If I were Carson, I would be careful in who he accepts “help” from.  This is just another example that money has corrupted our political process to the point where the average voter is used to merely rubber stamp the choice of the powerful who control the parties.  The goal of both parties is to maintain the status quo which stacks the deck in their favor…

Did Wall Street lose any money during the 2008 depression?  Nope!  Did you?  Probably!





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2 thoughts on “RINOs Panic-Karl Rove Facilitates Carson Meetings with Wynn”

    1. Could be. Different circumstances. Hillary is a weak candidate with low base enthusiasm. Same for non Trump Republican nominee if Jeb, Kasick, or even Rubio. Trump, if he doesn’t self destruct does evoke emotion with his supporters. The winner would only need 180 electoral votes

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