Chicago-The Last Petri Dish for the Left, Rahm Emanuel Vs Karen Lewis

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Garry McCarthy, the Superintendent of Police, said less that a week ago that the Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, “had my back”.  Obviously he must have been talking about someone other than Rahm Emanuel as Mayor Emanuel just fired the Superintendent!  Obviously this is in response to the protests in Chicago against the shooting of 17 year old Laquan McDonald who was shot 16 times by officer Van Dyke.  Van Dyke has been charge with first degree murder BUT IS NOW OUT ON BAIL???  Van Dyke put of $150,000 as bond for his $1,500,000 bail.  I must watch too much TV as I thought that with first or second degree murder bail was usually denied.  OH WAIT, this is Chicago…  If I were Van Dyke, I would hire an army of body guards.  Not to protect myself from the protesters but from the Mayor’s office. 

As I stated in the original article below, protesters originally called for Emanuel’s resignation as well.  But after someone got to the protesters, all of a sudden no one was calling for Emanuel’s resignation.  Surprise, Surprise! 

Must be nice to have the President of the US as your best bud.





Chicago Fire of 1871
Chicago Fire of 1871

Chicago is either at the begin of its recovery or tipping over the edge into liberal fire and brimstone (hell).  The irony is that the two local power players are both way far left.  One, Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Mayor and two, Karen Lewis, the head of the powerful Chicago Teachers Union.  At stake is whether Karen will recognize that leftist policies have taken Chicago to be the leading or one of the leading:

  • Cities with the highest Black-on-Black murder rates.
  • Cities with one the highest illiteracy rates primarily among minorities.
  • Cities with one of the highest abortion rates in the Black and Hispanic populations.
  • Cities with one of the highest rates of unemployment among younger and older African-Americans.
  • Cities with one of the highest crime rates overall.
  • Cities where the disparity between wealthy, politically connected, non minorities, stands in stark contrast to the poor, disenfranchised minorities.
  • Cities with the toughest gun control laws.
  • Cities that are controlled by a far left agenda.

Mayor Emanuel is a died in the wool hard leftist who believes in total state control over its citizens, especially the minority residents.  He and President Obama believe in zero population, zero choice, and no opportunities except for those in power, themselves.  Karen Lewis has embraced hard left policies for education in the windy city.  Every once in a while there is a crack in her leftist armor especially when it comes to some of the policies of Emanuel.

I was disappointed when she did not run against Emanuel for mayor last year.  She had a real shot.  She actually led the polling 45 to 36 in July of 2014.  Lewis and Emanuel have had their share of exchanges involving colorful metaphors!  There is no love lost between the two in spite of their seemingly ideological partnership.  But, Lewis seems to be tiring of a lack of action by the Mayor in light of the slaughter of African-Americans on the streets of Chicago, and in and around her schools.  There have been 2,703 shootings in Chicago resulting in 444 shooting deaths SO FAR this year. (The total deaths with a month to go already exceeds those in 2014, another record-setting year)  On November 22nd, there were 11 people shot and 5 people killed between noon and 8:40PM!  This carnage is despite Chicago having the toughest gun laws in the nation including a violence tax gathered on each gun and bullet sold within Cook county.

Enter the Laquan McDonald Homicide:

Now we find out that for “some reason”, the charges filed and the accompanying video of the shooting of Laquan McDonald took the Mayor and his  City over 13 months to release.  This video portrays the shooting of a young person by a police officer that appears to be an execution that included the officer emptying all 16 rounds of ammunition into the victim.  Other police officers on scene seemed frozen watching this unfold.  While Laquan McDonald was not exactly cooperating with the police and probably should have been taken in, he certainly did not pose any seemingly imminent threat to the officer on scene, nor to anyone in the vicinity.  He had a 3″ knife as a weapon.

There are more disturbing questions surrounding this tragedy

than there are answers

and the opportunity for blame are numerous.

  1. Since Emanuel was in a difficult re-election bid, did he withhold the charges against the policy officer and the release of the video until after his re-election?
  2. Since the Police Superintendent works for Emanuel, was this the reason he did not take more aggressive action against the charged officer much sooner.
  3. Where was the State’s Attorney for Cook County, Anita Alvarez for 13 months?  Was she part of Emanuel’s re-election campaign.  Isn’t she part of the minority community in Cook County?
  4. As close as Rahm Emanuel and President Obama are, it is impossible to imagine that Emanuel did not reach out to Obama regarding this case and the timing of the release of the charges and the video.  Then now, Obama finds the shooting of McDonald “Deeply Disturbing”.  How about withholding the evidence from the public for a year!  Isn’t that even a bit disturbing?
  5. The Black Friday protests in Chicago included the coalition of Black Lives Matter, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH group and grassroots Black activists.  Early in the week, there were protesters calling for the “impeachment of the Mayor” but by Friday, that theme died.  The protesters seemed to be targeting the Superintendent of the Police instead along with other police officers who were on scene.  By Friday, the hard left had circled the wagons around Rahm and made sure he was protected by and large.
  6. Note:  The City of Chicago has no statue allowing for the impeachment of the Mayor!  He is in there for the rest of his term.

How does Karen Lewis fit into all of this?

As an African-American leader in the City of Chicago who is in charge of educating the youth of Chicago, I hope Lewis sees some of the issues that led up to the shooting death of not only McDonald but the other 444 victims this past year.  I hope she sees that the only thing between complete anarchy and chaos in Chicago and her schools may in fact be the very police that are being hung out to dry due to the action of one police officer that probably should not have been in uniform at all.  I am thankful she did not challenge Rahm Emanuel and win.  Now she has the perspective of just how bad things can get and how badly things need to change in Chicago.

Choice:  I hope she sees that some drastic measures need to be made to the education system in Chicago including the addition of some education choice until the system can be drastically improved.  The left has too long seen school choice as the elimination of public education.  In fact, it can help improve public education with the sharing of techniques and opportunities.  Lewis has plenty of power in her position.  I hope, that as an education professional, that her seeing illiteracy eliminated in Chicago would be the ultimate reward for her.  Better education for her students would yield more opportunity for her students and put a serious dent in the drug culture of Chicago driven by despair, unemployment and lack of opportunities.

Leadership:  I hope that Karen Lewis sees this tragic situation as an opportunity to step up and challenge the leftist status quo in Chicago that goes back to the corrupt days of the Daley dynasties.

  1. Create results oriented teaching methods and rewards.  You already correctly condemned Common Core, take the next step.
  2. Work with Law Enforcement and create neighborhood safe zones that are safe for students and their parents, day and night.
  3. Work with charter schools and other “choice” schools to take some of the load off of the public schools and co-develop methods that are as effective in public schools as they are in private schools.  Get funding for the “choice” schools so pubic school funds do not have to be diverted.
  4. Engage your neighborhoods in “fixing” your schools.  This will take patience and a lot of convincing that you are committed to improving the lives of all of the children of Chicago and that you are not part of the problem.
  5. Stay independent and fight off those on the left that will try to take you out.

I hope Karen Lewis is the person who can start to save Chicago or the Black Friday protests are just the beginning of the end for the kids of Chicago.  The kids deserve a chance at life.  Narcissistic politicians have to be removed and the kids placed first in the queue.  I know I may be dreaming and if I click my heals together I may end up in Kansas…


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