Rubio-“US Should Respond and Defend Turkey if Turkey is Attacked by Russia”

Rubio stated today on Fox News:

“Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance, and so, if the NATO alliance is to remain vibrant, then we have to live up to our commitments in that alliance. We can’t decide that we’re not going to work on behalf of one of these countries…”

If Obama made yet another speech condemning Russia and vowing action against Russia, would Obama follow through?  Nope!

France, a NATO nation,  was attacked on November 13th, did the US Senate and the House of Representatives vote to declare war against ISIS?  Nope!

So Senator Rubio, If you are going to use strong language of what you think the president to do, you should be acting out your outrage on the floor of he Senate.  Article One Section Eight of the US constitution empowers Congress to declare war.  Why didn’t you introduce legislation in the Senate on November 13th or 14th to have the Congress declare war against ISIS?

Candidates who are still serving as a Senator, House Member, or governor still need to perform the functions they were elected to do.  Rhetoric is what e expect from the left, not our candidates.




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