RINO’s Panic–Pooling Cash to Defeat Trump

This is a Fool’s Mission

Several of the large Republican establishment donors are pooling their cash to run ads against Trump to force him out of the primaries.  They are even using John Kasich as their trial balloon. 


Y’all just don’t get it!

Having Kasich as the spokesperson for the Republican Establishment is like featuring the Antichrist at a Baptist Revival!  Kasich is everything conservative voters, and now most independents and some democrats, are railing against.  They want you guys to go away and let the American People elect a president who will stand up for them and not for you and your big business selfish interests.  They are tired of Liberal-Lite even though when yo listen to McConnell, Boehner and others it isn’t so lite!

Base to Republican Insiders, Insider Pundits, & Insider Campaign Managers, “we do not need you any more.  We have someone who does not need your money to get elected.  He may turn out not to be what we expect but we know what to expect from you!  Another Bush, McCain, Romney, Dole etc., etc., etc..”


IF you dump money into this race with the sole purpose of knocking out Trump, and Trump lives up to his promise to not remain committed to the Republican Party if the Party does not treat him fairly, you will see the beginning of the demise of the Republican Party and the rise of a new political party.  You will see the outcome of what started in 1852 that created the Republican Party relived in 2016, but in a much shorter period of time.  With Hillary as the Democrat candidate, with all of her flaws and baggage, and one of your candidates, Bush, Rubio or Kasich, Trump will get at least 180 electoral votes and win the election.  Then in 2018, the Republican majority in the House will be seriously challenged by the new party as Trump, with the support of the Tea Parties,  will be able to raise the funding necessary to have financial backing for the incumbents willing to switch to the new parties and new candidates who will run with the new party.


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