The NSA, A Solution or Just Another Government Program?

Sherlock Holmes
DIA’s-James Clapper

Since Snowden outed the NSA far reaching surveillance program, and the subsequent rollback of the NSA surveillance of our cell phones and other forms of communications, proponents of reinstating the NSA program blame the failure to stop a terrorist attack on the rollback.  The attack on France and Mali has only served to raised the decibel levels for those wanting to reinstate the programs.

But, when you listen to those who want more surveillance and data collection admit that the data is used to figure out what HAPPENED and how the terrorist communicated, not to preemptively stop the attack.  When you analyze terrorist plans that were thwarted, none of reasons point back to the NSA data collection prior to the rollback.  We had been tracking the brothers and yet the NSA program did not predict or stop their attack.  Same goes for the Fort Hood shootings and many other terrorist attacks on our soil.  We had advance notices of the attacks on Paris this past weekend but did not share this with the French.

So what is the real answer? 

More gross surveillance? 

Less gross surveillance? 

How about getting smart? 

Google, Bing and other search engines can pop up ads for stuff I bought years ago and will probably never by again.  Amazon knows what I bought on EBAY three weeks ago and give me a list of related products that I may want to buy.  Maybe we can have Bing, Google, EBAY, Amazon send a message to those learning how to build a pressure cooker bomb online and send the surfer info on C-4 site, or a site on how to build a pipe bomb but maybe send the director of the FBI and CIA an email regarding this individual and his or her intentions.  We could even have Bing, Google, EBAY, Amazon give us information on past searches by potential refugees giving us a little insight as to their shopping habits and perhaps their political leanings.  Perhaps for those refugees who past the screening process, we could have Bing, Google, EBAY, Amazon send them online coupons! (sarcasm)

Sorry, but I am getting tired of hearing government talking heads continually talking down to us and blaming us for trying to hold them accountable for not doing their jobs.  Is anyone reassured by listing to James Clapper (head of the DNI) talk about anything?  Talk about someone who needs NoDoz to say awake.  We need to demand accountability for those responsible to protect this nation.  This starts with the President and goes all the way out to field operatives.  We deserve better than having our public servants blame us for their continued failures after running up a $19 Trillion deficit.




One thought on “The NSA, A Solution or Just Another Government Program?”

  1. So right, Saver, I heard a caller on the radio a few days ago who said we have all the surveillance we need. He was explaining that proper investigative techniques don’t need more surveillance, but the “conservative” talk show host shut him off. Not all “right-wing” radio is, in fact, right-wing. In fact, sometimes I suspect they are part of the Establishment, masquerading as our side.

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